The Kings Ferry London Commuter Service Status Updates

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The Kings Ferry London Commuter Service Status Updates

Current important messages regarding you commuter service
    • London (All)

    New Winter Timetable

    Please don't forget that as of Monday 25th September 2017 our timetables have changed to accommodate the changes to the traffic in London. For further information of these changes please check our timetables here: 

    • 717

    Nut March and Rally

    Due to the march happening from Richmond Terrace to Parliament Square via Whitehall, a diversion will be put in place to avoid the traffic. To ensure that we are able to maintain a full PM timetable all services will be starting from Temple Stop (Stop N) per the timetable for Temple station.

    Whilst Following this divesion we will be unable ti serve Millbank, Abingdon Street, Parliament Street or Embankment (Stop 40C). All other stops will be served as normal.

    • London (All)

    AM Service Update - Embankment

    The AM stop at Embankment station (Y) is now permanently closed with no direct replacement. Our alternative bus stop will be either Westminster Pier or Horseguards Avenue depending on daily traffic conditions.

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