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Mind the gap between the coach and the train
Customer Satisfaction 92%   Southeastern: 46%
Daily services 38   17(at peak times)
Stops in Medway,Swale & Maidstone 300+   9
London drop-offs 12   3*
Door to door service   X
Guaranteed seat   X
FREE Park & Ride sites 2 (4 in total)   0
Vehicle Tracking App   X

*There are 3 alternatives but a service will only travel to one at a time, reducing your options greatly.

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    The Kings Ferry Coach Train SAVE
Bean/Ebbsfleet Monthly/4week £223 £411.30 £188.30
  Annual £2,115 £4,284 £2,169
Sheppey Monthly/4week £245 £386.40 £141.40
  Annual £2,340 £4,024 £1,684
Sittingbourne Monthly/4week £245 £384 £139
  Annual £2,340 £4,000 £1,660
Rainham Monthly/4week £294 £366.80 £72.80
  Annual £2,790 £3,820 £1,030
Gillingham/Chatham Monthly/4week £294 £363.30 £69.30
  Annual £2,790 £3,784 £994
Maidstone Monthly/4week £268 £401.30 £137.30
  Annual £2,395 £4,180 £1,785

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All prices correct at time of writing (8/9/2014) and may vary. Used only as an indication to the saving that can be made.

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