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The Kings Ferry London Commuter Service Status Updates

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    Diversion Tonight

    Friday 9th November 2018

    ***Our 22:00 723b service will follow our normal line of route tonight.***

    As many of you will be aware, the majority of our PM services last night were seriously delayed travelling along the Victoria Embankment and Upper/Lower Thames Street. The cause of the delay was a change to the traffic light phasing at Tower Hill to accommodate pedestrians visiting the 'Beyond the Deepening Shadow: The Tower Remembers' installation. Around 10,000 flames have filled the empty moat encircling the Tower of London to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. Whilst it has been in place all week there was an increase in interest last night which is expected to peak tonight. 

    In an effort to avoid the delays of last night, we are planning to divert all PM services (with the exception of our 22:00 723b) this afternoon as follows:

    Please click the green bus stop names to see their location in Google Maps.

    Lambeth Road (Pratt Walk) Maidstone services only- as timetabled
    Lambeth Palace Road (stop SP) per the timetabled time for Abingdon Street
    St. Thomas Hospital (stop C) per the timetable for Abingdon Street
    Waterloo Road (stop M)  per the timetable for Embankment
    Millennium Bridge (stop SG) per the timetable for Temple Avenue
    Bank Station Queen Victoria Street (Stop MD) per the timetable for Temple Avenue CLOSEST STOP TO CANNON BRIDGE
    Bishopsgate City of London (Stop R) per the timetable for Cannon Bridge 
    Leadenhall Street St Mary Axe (Stop LR) per the timetable for Cannon Bridge  
    Leadenhall Street St Katharine Cree (Stop X) per the timetable for Cannon Bridge  
    Aldgate Station (Stop D) per the timetable for Tower Hill CLOSEST STOP TO TOWER HILL
    A13/London Metropolitan University (Stop P) per the timetable for Tower Hill

    (as there are more stops listed above than in our normal PM timetable some alternative stops share the same pick-up time)

    Whilst following this diversion we will be unable to serve the following bus stops; Millbank, Abingdon Street, Parliament Street, Embankment, Temple Tube, Temple Avenue, Cannon Bridge and Tower Hill.

    After serving A13/London Metropolitan University stop, all services will serve Canary Wharf as normal.

    Please monitor our Twitter feed for the latest service information.