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4 great exercises to improve your commute

4 great exercises to improve your commute

Commuting is a necessary evil for many employees across the UK, but there are ways to improve the time you spend on your way to and from work every working day. 

It may be easy to simply sit back, scroll through your phone or catch up with friends and family on the phone during your commute, but there are ways to put a more active spin on your travels. 

You can also take some stress out of your journey to work by switching from the train to the coach. Rather than worrying about whether you will have a seat on a congested train, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you have a reservation waiting for you. 

Here are four great tips to improve your health during your commute and reduce chances of suffering aches and pains. 

1. Core contractions

Your core is one of the most important parts of your anatomy when it comes to speed and explosiveness. It’s also very easy to exercise, even when you’re sat on a coach.

Start by simply breathing in and holding your stomach muscles for around ten seconds, and then relax. Do this four or five times until you begin to feel a strain. The movement is similar to doing a crunch or sit-up, and it can all be done sitting down!

2. Ankle rotations 

Your feet and ankles can take a significant beating during the your workday. Whether you go to the gym on your lunch break, or have a walk around the shops, your feet can go through a lot. 

To help prevent injury and potential ankle sprains, try to rotate your ankles clockwise and anti-clockwise a few times on your way to and from work. This can help to repair your muscles and ensure you reduce chances of injury. 

3. Leg lifts 

These are often done at the gym with the help of some weights, but they can also be effective on your daily commute. 

Simply alternate between your legs, lifting and holding the stretch for five to ten seconds at a time. Once you feel your muscles properly stretching, you can relax. 

Though this exercise is only minimal movement, it can help to prevent pulled muscles or worse. 

4. Sit up straight

While this may not be regarded as an exercise, sitting up straight can have a positive effect when it comes to toning your muscles. 

Make sure you sit upright and pull your abdominal muscles towards your spine, as this will help to tone your stomach and relieve any back strains. 

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