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How to commute in the snow

How to commute in the snow

You, like many people across the UK, may have woken up to a blanket of snow this morning. Far from having the childlike thrill of seeing this vision of white outside your window, the chances are your first thoughts were about your commute.

Getting to work in such conditions has its own set of challenges and since we’re still in November, there’s a good chance there may be more snowy days before winter is out. Here are our top tips for surviving the commute on these occasions:

Invest in boots with good grip

No matter how you commute, it will involve some walking along the way and an early morning slip is not an ideal start to the day. Purchase yourself a pair of sturdy boots to put you in good stead for the rest of the winter.

Pay particular attention to the grip, as this is what will keep you upright on those snowy and icy days. It’s surprising how many snow boots don’t have a strong enough tread, so it’s worth having a good look before buying any.

Be prepared

Make sure you have extra supplies with you in case your journey takes longer than expected. This includes bottled water and some snacks. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you won't get thirsty and feeling hungry will make any wait all the more miserable.

Layer up

Dressing for the winter can be tricky, as you often end up going through various temperature changes. This is particularly the case when commuting, as it is freezing outside, but lovely and warm inside your temperature controlled coach.

Wear layers, so you can easily adjust your clothing to your surroundings. As you warm up along your journey you can take items off and replace them when you’re preparing to go back into the cold.

Be patient

No matter how important it is to get to work quickly, snowy conditions call for more patience than usual. Don’t rush along the street, as this is when you’re most likely to slip, which could in turn lead to injuries and a longer delay.

Let someone else do the driving

Everything about driving in wintry conditions is difficult – from scraping the ice off the windscreen to trying not to let the tyres skid in the snow – so it’s best to leave it up to somebody else. Commuting by coach means you don’t have to worry about these added concerns. Simply hop aboard a coach and be transported to where you need to be.


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