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How to survive the summer commute

How to survive the summer commute

As the weather starts to warm up and we enjoy longer days, the prospect of summer means fresh challenges for commuters. A changeable climate, hay fever and overheated fellow passengers can make summer commuting a living form of hell. Luckily, with a little preparation you can overcome all of these issues.

Simply use the below as a checklist to get you ready for your summer commute.

Invest in a small collapsible umbrella

It may be nearly summer, but that doesn’t mean commuters are immune from getting caught in a shower. A badly-timed downpour can mean you get soaked between the house and the coach or the office and your ride home. Overcome this by investing in one of those umbrellas that are small enough to be kept in your work bag all the time. It’ll be ready and waiting when the heavens suddenly open.

Pack thin layers to fine-tune your outfit for the temperature

Getting the smart office look right for summer can be tricky, as it’s a fine balance between being comfortable and looking like you’re heading for the beach. Once you’ve got the right garments for the main body of your outfit, you’ll need to think about what you can wear on top if it gets a bit nippy while you’re commuting. Thin cardigans and light scarves are perfect for adding a little extra warmth on breezy summer evenings.

Add sun cream to your morning routine

You never known when the sun’s going to make an appearance and even if it’s a bit cloudy, you can still burn. Add sun cream to your morning beauty ritual, meaning you won’t get caught out if it’s suddenly ablaze as you’re heading to the coach pick-up point. A facial moisturiser that contains SPF is a good idea, as is putting sun screen on your arms and legs instead of the usual body cream. This way you’ll be ready for anything.

Stock up on hay fever remedies

For hay fever sufferers, the good weather comes with the threat of a streaming nose, itchy eyes and a constant tickle in the throat. Get ahead of the pollen count and stock up on hay fever tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops. Administer these before you leave the house to offer the best protection in advance. There’s even a substance a bit like petroleum jelly that you can smear at the entrance to your nostrils to catch the pollen before you breathe it in.

Travel by air-conditioned coach for maximum comfort

Forget sweaty journeys and being crushed next to your fellow commuters by travelling by air-conditioned coach and having a guaranteed seat. This move will see an end to having your nose right next to another passenger’s armpit, making the whole experience far more comfortable. And you’ll feel fresher yourself too!


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