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Learn some language skills on your daily commute

Learn some language skills on your daily commute

If you face the daily grind of a lengthy commute, then you're probably keen to find an activity to make the time spent onboard your coach as comfy as possible.

There are plenty of ways to do this, of course, from enjoying the latest apps on your handheld device to getting your head into a good book.

However, there are alternatives that could mean you have something a little more tangible to show for the time spent between home and the office.

One such option is to spend the journey learning a new language. While it may not seem like an obvious environment in which to learn, you could develop a good grasp of another tongue from the comfort of your seat.

Learning another language is never easy, obviously, but it is certainly not impossible to achieve if you have the passion and determination to do so.

Here are a few helpful tips…

Listening is an important part of developing your language skills, so why not spend some money on a recording of common expressions from your chosen language? You can sit onboard and absorb how the phrases ought to be pronounced.

What's more, it can also help those who are new to the language to observe certain patterns that may become more useful further down the line.

It is, perhaps, worth supplementing your audio help with a phrase book. It may seem a bit of a cliché, but this approach can help those people who are new to a language to develop a reasonable grasp of some stock expressions.

Also, it might be worth writing these phrases down to further your understanding of the language. Such familiarity is likely to enhance your overall skills.

Ultimately, it's well worth the effort and while it would be easy to sit back in your chair and watch the clock tick by, that wouldn't be the most sensible move.

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