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London commute is 23 minutes longer than UK average

London commute is 23 minutes longer than UK average

Commuters in London spend 23 minutes longer than workers in other parts of the country getting into the office every day. Recent research from the TUC trade union found that the average daily journey into work for those in the capital is one hour and 21 minutes.

This is irrespective of how they travel, but if you’re going to be spending so much time each day on such journeys, you might as well do it in comfort. Switching to a Kings Ferry coach service could make it a much more enjoyable experience.

The statistics show that the average daily commute in the UK stands at 58 minutes, which is five minutes longer than it was ten years ago. Those who travel by train have the longest journeys at two hours and 11 minutes of commuting each day, up by four minutes from 2007.

In comparison, commuters across the UK taking the bus to work are spending 79 minutes getting there and back. This is an increase of seven minutes on 2007, but shows how it’s worth weighing up the options and choosing the best solution for your needs.

Looking at the data it collected, the TUC said there were a number of reasons why so many people are spending such a long time commuting. Chief among them is the inability of workers to live near their offices due to the depression of wages against house prices.

It also pointed to a lack of government spending on transport infrastructure, leading to commuters finding alternative, better ways to travel. Despite the interest in flexible working that has been widely reported, many employers do not offer such benefits to their staff, leading to peak times for travel.


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