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Make the most of your commute with these 4 tips!

Make the most of your commute with these 4 tips!

Commuting is a chore for many employees across the UK, with delays, cancellations and congestion causing stress before you even reach the office. 

However, it does not need to be this way, there are plenty of effective ways to transform your commute from a nightmare into a comfortable and relaxing journey.  

Some of them are only small changes, but can make a lasting difference to your mental health.  In particular, these tips can leave you feeling more energised after work, which is especially helpful as we approach the summer months. 

1. Switch to the coach 

For many people, the train is the go-to mode of transport for a commute, though it is not the only option. 

Coaches have turned into a cheaper and more efficient option, offering guaranteed seats, great value fares and a more comfortable journey for travellers. Some even come with Wi-Fi, making it easy to make a head-start on your day’s work. 

2. Start your day with a healthy breakfast

The pace of modern life can catch up to us all, especially in the mornings. Getting ready and out of the door on time is a mission in itself and there are times when food and drink come second to punctuality. 

Still, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so, even if waking up ten minutes earlier sounds like agony, start the day with a healthy bowl of cereal or some oatmeal and you will thank yourself later. 

3. Find a commuting hobby 

Finding something to fill your time during a commute can really make a positive difference to your mental health. Reading is a fantastic option and helps to relax you ahead of a day of work, but there are amazing alternatives. 

Sudoku, crosswords and adult colouring books can all help to improve your concentration levels, exercise your mind and reduce stress levels. 

4.  Do some exercises

It's understandable for some people to be discouraged by the idea of exercising on a coach, but there are plenty of routines to improve energy levels and tackle aches and strains. Calf raises and simple stretches as you board and depart the service can workout your arms, shoulders and neck, reducing the chance of trapped nerves or pulled muscles. 

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