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Rail services hit by strikes once again

Rail services hit by strikes once again

Today (October 5th), saw a new set of rail strikes occurring across England, with commuters in London among those affected.

The strikes, which have been organised the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), are about plans to make doors driver-only operated.

Members of the RMT from various different train operators are involved, but for Londoners, it is Southern Rail that will be of most concern.

Commuting has been thrown into disarray by strikes at Southern on many occasions in recent months and the problems look set to continue.

While the company says it plans to run 90 per cent of its services during the strike, this still means uncertainty for commuters.

Having to check whether trains will actually be running on a route can add extra stress to the work day.

The future doesn’t look much better either, as there are more strikes on the horizon. South Western Railway is set to join the industrial action going forward.

It took over from South West Trains in August and operates a large number of services in and out of London Waterloo, which is the busiest station in the capital.

South Western’s RMT members have voted to join the strikers, but need to liaise with the executive body before going ahead.

Bosses at the company have urged against premature strike action, saying plans are in place to increase the number of drivers and guards on its trains.

Those going on strike maintain that it’s an issue of safety, with fewer guards on board trains posing potential problems for commuters.

Today’s industrial action comes in the wake of a proposed London Underground strike that was scheduled for earlier in the week, but cancelled just in time.

Anyone who is fed up of the train strikes and looking for an alternative commute in and around London should think about travelling by coach instead.

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