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Sort your office Secret Santa out during your commute

Sort your office Secret Santa out during your commute

Secret Santa is fairly widespread in offices across the UK these days and while it is a nice way to promote Christmas cheer, it’s also another task that needs doing. While you may not have any time to pop to the shops, you probably spend a few hours a week commuting.

Instead of sitting and scrolling through social media on the way to and from work, use your time on the coach more wisely. With a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you can easily peruse the options and place an order. Then, get it delivered straight to the office, so you don’t even have to remember to take it into work.

Now that you have a plan; all you need is some inspiration:

The office genius

If you pulled that guy from the IT department who loves a brainteaser’s name out of the hat, then get him a new take on an old classic. There are now Rubik’s Cubes in all shapes, sizes and concepts. There is one that works like a sudoku, another that’s a pyramid shape and even a mind-bending option with 12 sides.

The colleague who likes a tipple

An office appropriate gift for a colleague who’s a fan of a tipple or two could be some alcohol-themed toiletries. Gin and tonic-scented shower gel, cocktail-inspired bubble bath or drink-flavoured lip balm will all go down a treat.

The jetsetter

There’s someone in every office who puts their annual leave to the best use and is often seen coming in with their carry-on case on a Friday ready to jet off. Help them track their travels with a scratch map of the world. Every time they come back from a mini break, they can rub off the foil to reveal the country they’ve just been to.

The foodie

Cookery books are all well and good, but cookery kits are even better. For the colleague who likes nothing better than a bit of baking or whipping up a delicious meal, get them a pack that contains the key ingredients for a creation, as well as the recipe card to go with it.

A fellow commuter

You know how good it is to be distracted during your commute, so help someone else who travels into work each day have a great start to the year. Get your Secret Santa recipient some credit or a subscription with an audiobook service.


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