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Stress-busting techniques for your commute

Stress-busting techniques for your commute

For many people, the commute is the most stressful part of the day, but it is actually a period that can be harnessed to improve your mood. Depending on where you’re travelling from, you’ll have a chunk of time to put to good use. Just make sure you travel by coach to ensure you have a seat and don’t need to navigate a convoluted route.

Listen to an audio book

Not everybody is able to read on a moving vehicle, but audio books are a great way for literature lovers to catch up on their favourite pastime. Whether you’re riveted by the latest bestsellers or want to have a go at the classics, there are audio versions readily available.

Enjoy some guided meditation

If what you really need is some time just for yourself, then the commute is the perfect opportunity to get it. Switch off from the worries that tug at your mind by plugging into some guided meditation. Sessions are available on many platforms, often for free, and you can select one for the same length as your journey.

Give yourself a head massage

It’s easy for tension to gather without you noticing, but spend a little bit of time relieving it around the temples. Put a little pressure on these points and make rotating movements to instantly feel more relaxed. Move your hands up to your hairline and rub the scalp to help bring energy back to a tired mind.

Sniff some aromatherapy oils

The sense of smell is a powerful tool and it’s worth dabbing a little bit of aromatherapy oil onto a handkerchief to sniff during your commute. Choose rosemary or peppermint in the morning to stimulate your brain and camomile or lavender for the afternoon to help relax you.

Make a list

Sometimes it’s impossible to ignore the busy day ahead and you know that you’re going to hit the ground running the minute you enter the office. If that’s the case, then spend your commute making a list of all the jobs you need to get done. That way you will be less stressed knowing you have an ordered mind and a game plan.

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