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The fine art of commuting during a heatwave

The fine art of commuting during a heatwave

While it’s very nice that the great British summer has finally arrived and we’re basking in beautiful weather, the heatwave can throw up issues for commuters. Getting into work looking professional and well put together can be particularly difficult when temperatures rise.
Here are a few tips to help you master the art of commuting as the mercury keeps going up:

Change outfits when you get to work

Many jobs require employees to wear smart office attire, which can feel particularly hot and stuffy when the weather is so warm. If you need to wear a suit for work or another type of uniform, think about changing into it when you get to the office.

This will mean you can wear shorts or a skirt, a loose top or vest on the commute for maximum comfort. Just make sure you pack your office outfit the night before to prevent a mishap from leaving an essential item at home during the morning rush.

Make use of the office showers

A large proportion of offices now have showers that staff can use. These are a great way to ensure you look fresh after a journey to work during the heatwave. Take toiletries, deodorant and any make-up you require with you to set yourself up for the working day.

Commute by air-conditioned coach

There’s not a lot worse than being crammed into a hot train carriage with sweaty passengers during the summer months. Cut out the discomfort by travelling on an air-conditioned coach with a designated seat for everyone. You won’t miss being pressed up against a stranger’s armpit and will arrive feeling fresh.

Invest in a face mist

A face mist is a quick way to cool down on a hot day and can be especially useful if you have to walk for a couple of minutes from the coach stop to your office. It can be the difference between looking like you’ve melted on the way in and conveying an air of cool, calm professionalism.

Choose one with an ingredient like peppermint oil for an added feeling of freshness. Many companies offer these sprays in small sizes that are easy to slip into a handbag or briefcase ready for the day.

Carry a bottle of water

It is really important to stay hydrated during the day and especially when it’s hot. Keep a bottle of water with you to prevent that awful feeling on a headache coming on. If you don’t have an insulated one that will remain cool, you can put an ordinary bottle of water in the freezer and as it melts you’ll have glacial water to drink during your commute.


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