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Transport minister set for HS2 questioning

Transport minister set for HS2 questioning

Patrick McLoughlin, the transport secretary, is set to face further intense questions about the controversial plan to build a second high-speed rail link in the UK.

Critics of the plan argue that it will destroy a significant chunk of the countryside, while it has also been claimed that the cost of the project cannot be justified.

Indeed, the original price of the scheme has spiralled in recent months and there is now a school of thought suggesting that the plan can no longer be considered reasonable.

And Mr Mr McLoughlin has now been called to answer questions regarding a recent report that claims the project will be worth as much as £15 billion a year to the UK.

The minister actually used the contents of the disputed report to create further enthusiasm for the scheme, which is facing renewed scrutiny.

Labour MP Louise Ellman, who chairs the transport committee, said: "HS2 is a hugely significant and controversial investment.

"We are following up the questions we raised in our earlier report, in the light of significant new information."

There have been accusations levelled at KPMG, the firm behind the latest report, that they cherry-picked the most favourable statistics to support the government's plan, though these have been staunchly denied.

Speaking to MPs, Lewis Atter, a partner in KPMG's global infrastructure and projects group, actually suggested that the £15 billion figure was on the conservative side.

Clearly, though, there is an acknowledgement from all parties that the current rail network is holding the country back in economic terms and needs to be improved.

As an alternative, commuters may instead opt to travel by coach, thereby avoiding extortionate prices and the aggravation of having to stand all the way from the office to home.

This means that you can even get some work done while you're on the move, which is ideal.

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