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Tube and bus commuters stranded after Apple Pay glitch

Tube and bus commuters stranded after Apple Pay glitch

Hundreds of commuters heading into work using the Tube or buses faced lengthy delays this morning, after Transport for London’s (TfL) systems stopped processing Apple Pay transactions. A lack of information added to the chaos, as passengers wondered what to do.

Many took to Twitter to express their frustration and TfL later confirmed that there had been problems. The issues had been resolved by 9am, according to Daily Mail, which reported on the situation, but by then, many people were already late for work.

One disgruntled commuter tweeted: “Yet again TfL are useless at communicating their systems have crashed and can’t accept Apple Pay at the moment - I was let through the gates, but this will muck up people’s weekly capping.”

Another wrote: “@TfL sort out your Apple Pay issue, or at least communicate that there is a problem.”

Many commuters opt to use systems, such as Apple Pay, on their devices as a convenient way to pay and therefore cut time during their journeys. Things don’t always go smoothly, however, and there is the potential for disruption with relatively new technological solutions.

Contactless debit cards continued to be accepted as normal, but users of this method of payment were not spared concern. Many of them were sent emails early in the morning to say that their cards had been declined by the issuer and therefore could not be used for travel.

Confounding the confusion was the fact that the Twitter accounts of several individual Tube lines and TfL bus services tweeted that debit cards were affected. It’s clear that TfL’s response was not a successfully coordinated one.

If you would like to sidestep the issues with TfL, it might be time to think about commuting into London by coach. With 38 pick-up points and 15 drop-off locations in the capital, taking the coach to work has never been so easy.


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