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Tube commuters encouraged to give up their seats

Tube commuters encouraged to give up their seats

A new campaign has been launched by the London Underground to encourage passengers to look up and see if anyone needs a seat more than they do.

Announcements on Tube services and signs at stations will emphasise the Look Up initiative over the next few months.

The idea was mooted by commuter Corry Shaw, who said she was often in tears when fellow passengers ignored her request for a seat.

She suffers from chronic pain and limited mobility, meaning standing for long periods of time is not an option.

Despite wearing a 'Please offer me a seat' badge, Ms Shaw found that most passengers either ignored it or simply didn’t notice, as they kept their heads down during their commutes.

Transport for London (TfL) confirmed that 84 per cent of those travelling by its trains wearing the these badges have an invisible condition.

Ms Shaw’s plea to TfL to introduce the announcements was backed by 4,000 people, who added their signatures to a petition.

She said: "When I emailed TfL a month ago I never dreamed that it would lead to a real change in the public transport system, but the message seems to resonate with people and I've had support from all over the country."

A number of public figures have also come out in support of the news, with the deputy mayor of London Heidi Alexander, taking to Twitter to say she is “delighted” about the move.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has said that it is a step in the right direction for making London’s public transport “genuinely accessible for everyone”.

Despite the positivity of the campaign, the power to grant commuters a seat on the Tube remains in the hands of fellow passengers.

Those travelling into work who wish to have a guaranteed seat day-in day-out should consider switching to Kings Ferry, as its commuter coach services offer a seat for all passengers.


Photo credit: iStock/recep-bg

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