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London Dungeons welcomes Carnivale

London Dungeons welcomes Carnivale

If you're looking for a great corporate event to keep morale happy at work this summer, what better attraction than the London Dungeon? This macabre attraction is even better this summer thanks to the arrival of a new sideshow Carnivale, which promises plenty of nail-biting enjoyment for adults.

Activities in this new show include the ability to test your strength on the High Striker - are you weak as a plague victim or as strong as an axe-wielding executioner? See what hand Lady Luck has given you with a visit to the flea-infested fortune teller.

The addition of Carnivale brings the activities and attractions of the London Dungeon to number a grand total of 18, with participants invited to navigate their way through the mind boggling Hall of Mirrors, run from the blade of Sweeney Todd and scream with laughter aboard the two rides.

But it's the performers that really bring the city's murkey past to life. You won't want to turn your back on this colourful cast of characters - not least because you're never quite sure what they're going to do.

If you're looking into making use of the Dungeon as a venue for a corporate event, the company offers this service at very reasonable rates. The newly designed space inside has been put together with large groups in mind, and the attraction operates outside of normal hours if you'd prefer to have a late one.

However, you're sure to need transportation to the South Bank, where the attraction is located, and this is one part of the trip that you would prefer not to be so bone-chilling. Get in touch with Kings Ferry - we're more than capable of keeping large groups happy aboard our coaches.

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