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Team building exercises in the UK

Team building exercises in the UK

Let's talk about work development days. Yes, we do have to. Come on, it will be fun. And yes, we're very much aware that's what the people in charge of making them happen always say.

Love them or loathe them, work development days - in which you take time out of work with your colleagues and embark on team exercises - are popular in many of Britain's workplaces. They're often an aggro to sort out, but we have a few tips in making them a little bearable.

Selecting an activity

There are a lot of teambuilding activities out there - it seems that pretty much anything can be 'teambuilding', from whitewater rafting and go-karting to the creation of bizarre scenarios that might see you trapped at the North Pole or something similar. Not literally, of course - it's all just pretend and, unlike previous arctic explorers, you'll be home in time for tea.

Choose an activity that best suits your office. Think about the characters you're going to rely on to make the event go with a bang. What are they going to enjoy? Competitive folk might want to opt for the above - a sporting activity that gets the blood pumping and that they can't enjoy down at the local park. Others might prefer something a little less pressured, such as wine tasting or similar.

Choosing a date

Whatever you choose to do, there's the nightmare of the date to consider. Put the fantasy of getting everyone along out of your head - there's always going to be folks who already have holiday booked off or essential client meetings that simply can't be rescheduled. But there are certainly tactics that you can use to make sure you maximise attendance. Choose a selection of dates will in advance and have staff vote on the ones that are the most convenient. Then it's just a simple matter of selecting the one that the most people can attend.

Take the coach

You certainly don't want to be mucking around with trains to get all of your hard-working colleagues to work. Boo. Hiss. Is that any way to reward everyone for participating? Plus you're only doing yourself a disservice since everyone knows that herding office workers to the train station is a bit like herding cats. Someone will only get lost while nipping into a supermarket to buy some cigarettes, and you know you won't be able to stop the marketing lot from lagging behind. And we haven't even started talking about the complexities of the ticketing system.

The coach is a much more reliable method of getting people to their destination on time. Station the vehicle outside the office where they can't miss it and away you go.

Great team building activities in the UK

Stuck for inspiration? Great places offering superb team building in the UK include ZSL London Zoo, Warwick Castle, Museum of London, Hedsor House, Floors Castle in the Roxburghe Estate - the list goes on and on and you only have to use your imagination. For example, our country has some magnificent coastline. Why not take everyone down to Devon to indulge in a spot of sailing? Or re-enacting the scenes of Robin Hood and his Merry Men by heading up to Sherwood Forest and trying out the team building exercises there.

The UK has limitless options for those wishing to strengthen friendships and enforce working as a team within their organisation. So what are you waiting for? Start making the arrangements today!

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