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4 great summer beaches close to London

4 great summer beaches close to London

London is renowned as one of Europe’s most popular tourism destinations, but it does lack one particular summer attraction: a beach. 

The closest you’ll get to the sand is one of the artificial beaches scattered across the capital, but travel a few miles outside of the city and there are some spectacular coastal spots to look forward to. 

Driving to these summer hotspots can be stressful, especially when there are plenty of other motorists heading in the same direction. To make your trip easier, take a look at the different coaches available and, if you book ahead of time, you can secure travel for great value prices. 

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West Wittering Beach, East Sussex

If you’re looking for coastal relaxation, West Wittering Beach in East Sussex could be the perfect getaway from the busy capital. Expect magnificent views, scrumptious food and a Blue Flag award-winning beach. 

Based around 80 miles away from London, the area is roughly 90 minutes away by car, but the trip is more than worth it. Whether you want to put your feet up on the sand or try one of the many watersports available, you’re sure to enjoy a tranquil escape. 

Southend-on-Sea, Essex

For those looking for a more traditional coastal break, Southend-on-Sea in Essex offers amusement parks, great fish and chips and classic seaside appeal. 

Away from the beach, Adventure Island is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. There are plenty of exhilarating rides and Sea Life Adventure, where visitors can learn more about fascinating water-based creatures. 

Brighton Beach, East Sussex

Perhaps the most obvious of all the coastal options near London, Brighton Beach has turned into a fantastic mix of nightlife, watersports and culture. 

Expect to find excellent bars, restaurants, independent shops and art galleries across the diverse promenade. Of course, you can still look forward to classic seaside fun, too. There are ice cream trucks and arcade games galore, while the British Airways i360 observation tower offers a fantastic view overlooking the city. 

Dungeness Beach, Kent

As the UK’s only desert, Dungeness Beach is fantastic for exploring and hiking, with various wildlife scattered throughout the area. It is also the second largest shingle formation in the world, making it perfect for geography enthusiasts!

However, it’s important to not enter the water due to the strong current. Rather than being a place for relaxing, Dungeness is more suited to outdoor types looking to find out more about the UK’s stunning landscape. 

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