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Amazing escape games await in London this year

Amazing escape games await in London this year

Deciding what to do in London can be a tough task, with the capital full of amazing attractions to suit all kinds of budgets and interests. 

While there are amazing flagship shops, world-class museums and stunning galleries to choose from, there are some other, more unusual escape games to look forward to if you’re travelling in a group.

Mission Breakout is one of the best options for visitors. This World War 2-themed activity is based at the South Kentish Town Tube station, where staff are dressed in 1940s army wear, providing a great insight into the era. 

The game is full of fun individual puzzles and there is a 20-minute task at the end, with all of the games taking place in a truly fascinating environment. 

The Crystal Maze is another excellent game to look forward to in the capital. Based on the popular TV show of the same name that entertained millions in the 90s, this new activity has been created following a start-up campaign. 

Featuring the adventure time zones of Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval, you will be put through several challenges. At each of them, you can win a crystal to be used in the final challenge of the Crystal Dome, where you must work with teammates to collect as many gold tickets as possible. 

Another excellent option is Escape Rooms near London Bridge, where participants are locked in a room full of lasers as they tackle puzzles, riddles and codes to complete the mission. 

With outstanding effects, the game almost feels like an action movie as you battle locked doors, alarms and the clock in order to solve the mystery. There are two games to choose from: one is based in the cursed chamber of an Egyptian pharaoh and the other is set in the British Museum. 

However, before finalising your trip, it is key that transport arrangements are made and, the earlier this is done, the cheaper it is likely to be. 

Travelling to London can be problematic for many travellers, as the high levels of traffic can make any drive challenging. 

With the congestion charge and high parking fees, it can be very difficult to drive to the capital without overspending. Similarly, trains are often affected by significant delays that make journeys far more stressful than they need to be. 

For visitors looking for a dependable journey, coaches are very reliable and available for low prices, especially if they are booked well in advance. 

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