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Hit the streets for Notting Hill Carnival

Hit the streets for Notting Hill Carnival

Carnival is coming to London, with the city's neighbourhoods to be transformed into an explosion of light and colour as the annual Notting Hill Carnival gets underway for a weekend of partying this August.

Considered the largest street party in all of Europe, Notting Hill sees thousands of dancers dressed in outrageous costumes riding floats in an enormous parade, as the entirety of the capital sets out to join them.

Live bands will be out and about from 9am on the morning of Sunday August 25th when things get underway for Children's Day, and the same time on the Bank Holiday Monday, which is more dedicated to adults.

As well as great music, you'll also find that west London will be packed with stalls offering the finest in West Indian cuisine. There really is nothing like the taste of jerk chicken, curried goat and rum punch to get you in the party mood.

The parade is due to complete its rounds by 7pm when the carnival will gradually start to break up, with exhausted dancers heading home to take off their sparkly costumes and outrageous headbands.

However, if you're still feeling the vibe, you will be consoled by the fact Dub Crusader and House of Roots will be hosting the official Notting Hill afterparty the following weekend - Sunday September 1st - so there isn't long before you'll be getting your gladrags out again.

The festival is an enormous event and, as such, you will find getting there presents a bit of a logistical problem, as the roads are closed to all but pedestrians and certain Tube stations also shut their gates at regular intervals to avoid overcrowding.

Get around this issue by travelling by coach, which can simply drop you off in a convenient place before coming back in the evening to pick you up after the fun.

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