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Reasons why autumn is awesome in London

Reasons why autumn is awesome in London

All right, so it's starting to get steadily chillier in London. Soon, it will be time for coats, gloves and raincoats once again. Actually, that sounds a bit like summer, too. But even so - there's no need to mourn the passing of July and August - London is just as awesome in the autumn as it is in the summer. Here at Kings Ferry, we've come up with a number of excuses for you to round up your friends, book a coach and enjoy yourself now that the trees are changing colour. Get on out there!

London's parks aflame

Not literally, luckily. All right - we've already mentioned this in the introduction, but as the leaves transform into towering infernos of vibrant oranges and reds, the parks in London become whole new playgrounds of wonderment. Walking through Greenwich Park with the stunning view over the financial district, hearing the crunch of the leaves and the calling of dog walkers, is utter bliss - a particularly good activity for getting the family out and about together.


First reason on the list is Halloween, which is genuinely at its best in London town. Home to Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd and executioner Albert Pierrepoint, you can find out about the capital's spookiest secrets at a number of high-profile places. Discover the scariest aspects of the plague at the London Dungeons. Stalk the streets of medieval London at the London Bridge Experience. Learn about the most gruesome parts of the capital's history at the Tower of London. Failing that, go and see Wicked the Musical, for an altogether wickedly wonderful experience that's great for adults and children alike.

Cosy pubs

London is full of cosy little hideyholes that are perfect for hiding yourself away from the cold like a hibernating little creature. A simply stroll up the street will yield many of these results where you can pull up a barstool or a table alongside a roaring open fire and chat away with the barman over a pint of London Pride. Dog and Duck in Soho is one such old favourite, with much-loved decor and interesting selection of beers. Elsewhere, check out French House, the famed Dean Street wine house that has served regulars down the generations.

Bonfire Night

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot. London sees no reason why gunpowder and treason should ever be forgot, and so it stages some of the most utterly splendid firework displays in the world. These are well worth travelling to and witnessing first hand. Grab a baked potato, a sparkler and watch the skies fill with multicoloured sparks. Magnificent stuff - whether you're with the family or even on your own. There's nothing like the atmosphere in London during this very special time of year.

Lord Mayor's Show and Fireworks

The fireworks continue into November actually, with the Lord Mayor's Show and Fireworks happening on the 8th. The flamboyant procession that takes place during the day is one of the most traditional occurrences in the London calendar and sees hundreds of people stroll through the streets of the Square Mile. These include soldiers of horseback, floats and marching bands. It's an incredible display - typically British and one that you won't want to miss.


It's the most wonderful time of the year. Despite the bitter chilliness, Christmas is an amazing time to experience London. In fact, few cities are more magical - Christmas trees on every corner, a mythical display of pretty lights and some serious festive cheer. A plethora of markets are set up in various places, with the most popular ones being the authentic Bavarian efforts on the South Bank and in Hyde Park. The theatres are particularly magical places to be, as seasonal favourites such as The Snowman and Edward Scissorhands take up residence in the West End with the intent of making the most of London's vibrant cultural scene.

In short, there's plenty to look forward to during your time in London this Autumn. Take a group of folks along if you're looking for an excuse to get together and enjoy the city.

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