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Totally Thames Festival comes to London next month

Totally Thames Festival comes to London next month

Visitors to London are spoilt for choice next month, with the Totally Thames Festival adding to the existing list of spectacular attractions across the city. 

There are plenty of outstanding attractions to look forward to, including Floating Dreams by Ik-Joong Kang. Stretching three storeys high, the lantern is covered in hundreds of tiny drawings. The structure is a memorial to victims of the Korean War, with each of the illustrations created by those displaced by the battles. 

It’s a truly awe-inspiring sight and emphasises a heartfelt message that can only be seen for the duration of September. What’s more, the Thames River Relay is a highly entertaining event scheduled during the festival, giving visitors the opportunity to travel down the river on a paddle board. 

After you have enjoyed some of the many festivities during Totally Thames, you can relax at the Midnight Apothecary on Brunel Museum’s rooftop garden where campfires, exquisite food and a wonderful atmosphere awaits.

The Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival is another extraordinary event. Over the course of five days from September 14-18th, huge vessels will travel down the river in a throwback to its days as a vital trade route. 

To understand more about the history of the Thames, take a visit to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich on September 1st, where archaeologists will explore how life on the water has changed over time. 

As well as these attractions, there is the incredible Tate Modern gallery close to the river along with a host of amazing restaurants and bars. 

What is the best way to reach London? 

Travelling to London can be a grind, with delays and cancellations often taking their toll on those using public transport. 

Driving is not always easier either, as complicated road systems and expensive parking can make journeys extremely difficult. Instead, it can be much simpler to opt for a coach, allowing you to visit the big city with minimum stress and cost. 

What’s more, using a bus service will mean that a seat is guaranteed and you do not have to be concerned with chasing down a seat or, worst of all, standing up for a long period of time. 

Fares can be especially cheap when they are booked in advance so, if you’re interested in attending Totally Thames, it could be a wise idea to book your journeys as soon as possible to lock in the best possible rate. 

As well as this, with plenty of services available in both directions, travel can be chosen to suit your own personal needs to help ensure a fantastic break in London.  

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