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Wizards in Watford? Visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour for a spellbinding day out

Wizards in Watford? Visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour for a spellbinding day out

"This boy will be famous. There won't be a child in our world who doesn't know his name." These words, uttered by Professor McGonagall in the first of JK Rowling's now world-famous Harry Potter novels, couldn't be more true.

The first of the subsequent films, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, was released in 2001, catapulting child actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson into the spotlight in the roles on Harry Potter and his two closest friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger respectively.

The trio spent the next decade working and studying at the Warner Bros' Leavesden Studios in Watford, with doors opening to the public for a highly-anticipated studio tour experience in 2012.

If you haven't been yet, here's what you can expect from the experience:

A truly magical day out

The magical world comes to life at Leavesden, with the interior studios home to everybody's favourite Hogwarts - that's the school Harry attends, for all you muggles - sets, including the majestic Great Hall, the dungeon-based Potions classroom and the dormitory where the main characters sleep.

You'll also get the chance to unlock your heart's deepest desires by gazing into the Mirror of Erised, see some of the amazing hand-crafted costumes worn by characters including Hagrid and Professor Dumbledore, and get the opportunity to try your hand at flying a broomstick, before heading outside to see some of the vehicles and exterior sets used in the film.

Featuring items such as the flying Ford Anglia from the Chamber of Secrets movie and the Dursleys' house, this area is also home to The Three Broomsticks bar where visitors can order a Butterbeer, sampling this sweet beverage enjoyed by youngsters in the magical world for themselves.

As with most attractions, the final stop of the tour is the gift shop, which is like a trip to the village of Hogsmeade itself, with the chance to purchase Honeydukes' chocolate and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, as well as special editions of the much-loved books and even your very own Hogwarts robes.

Getting there

The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour is located around 20 miles north-west of the centre of London in the Watford area, meaning visitors can combine a trip to the tour with a visit to the capital, perhaps exploring some of the locations used during filming, such as trying to find the magical platform 9 ¾ at King's Cross Station.

Highly-anticipated musical Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is also set to open in the West End, so if you've been lucky enough to bag tickets, a trip to the studio tour is the perfect activity to fill any spare time you have during your trip.

Ticket prices for the Warner Bros studio tour come in at £27 for children and £35 for adults, although this varies if you're booking for a large group.

Booking a coach to take your party to the studios and into the capital is the ideal way to travel, as it means you can set your own itinerary, and you can guarantee a comfortable journey with King's Ferry - it'll be a world away from travelling on the cramped and uncomfortable magical Knight Bus, that's for sure!


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