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Be a friend of the environment by travelling by bus or coach

Be a friend of the environment by travelling by bus or coach

Whether you’re thinking about commuting to work every day or how to transport a large group of people to a special occasion or event, the green option is always a coach or bus. That’s because these vehicles help to reduce the number of cars on the road and lower CO2 emissions.

Fewer emissions, less congestion, better air quality

The environmental benefits of travelling by coach are myriad and anyone who commutes into a city, such as London, knows how air pollution can affect the atmosphere. With one coach taking as many as 30 cars off the road, everyone can help to contribute to cleaning up the environment.

Only walking and cycling surpass coach travel for clean credentials when it comes to viable commuting transport options and these simply aren’t practical for many people travelling into work every day.

Having a large number of vehicles on the road leads to congestion and even cars that aren’t going anywhere add to pollution with idling engines. Coaches can help to avoid such situations, with the added benefit of getting everyone where they need to be quickly and efficiently.

Keeping up-to-date on the latest environmental innovation

In the world of transport, there is always innovation and the clever bods that produce coaches and buses are constantly improving their performance. This means reducing fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and other chemicals that are released into the atmosphere.

As environmentally-friendly technology improves, Kings Ferry’s fleet continues to be updated, making it a no-brainer for those who love our planet. Hybrid, electric and hydrogen-powered buses and coaches are the future, pushing this type of travel even further ahead of its competitors in terms of green credentials.

Euro VI emission standards

From 2013-2014, new emission standards called the Euro VI came into force. All new coaches and buses since then conform to these and are regularly tested to ensure their performance is up to scratch. Vehicles that were already on the road have been retrofitted to bring them in line with the standards.

Choose the right size coach for your party

One of the best ways to ensure that your coach trip is as environmentally-friendly as possible is to fill up every seat. This is made easy at Kings Ferry, as there are a number of different sized coaches throughout the fleet. So, whether you’re a party of 16, 35 or 77, there’s the perfect vehicle for you.


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