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Foreign tourists perplexed by Britain's transport

Foreign tourists perplexed by Britain's transport

Britain's public transport is as baffling for visitors to the country as it is for those of us who live here, a new report has found, with many tourists wishing to see natural heritage landmarks outside of London having to put up with poor service and stone-age speeds.

According to the study from VisitBritain, which is entitled Barriers to Overseas Visitors’ Use of Public Transport, such problems can be seriously off-putting for visitors.

The report used a journey from London to Stonehenge as a prime example. To reach the ancient stone circle, tourists must trek to Salisbury via South West Trains before taking a six minute walk across the city centre before enduring a half-hour bus ride to Shrewton.

Here, they may have to wait up to an hour for a Connect2Wiltshire bus arrives to take them on a 20 minute journey to the stone circle itself. As the report states, the journey is an example of "public transport at its most fragmented and unhelpful".

"While persisting with our peculiarly British way of doing things, we have to make the adverse impact on visitors as little as possible," it concluded.

The Heathrow Express and sole use of English on many train operators' websites also came under fire.

However, the transportation difficulties have done little to stop people visiting the UK, with tourist numbers rising to 90,000 a day between January and June this year - up eight per cent on 2013's figures.

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