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Halloween horrors - where to go

Halloween horrors - where to go

Halloween is one of those holidays that is, quite frankly, best enjoyed in a group. And now that the annual celebration of all things ghoulish and gruesome is only two months away, it's time to get planning for the fun. First of all, you'll need to decide where you want to go - we have been so good as to provide a bit of inspiration below. And secondly, you'll need to book your transportation with Kings Ferry. Heaven knows you need a fast, reliable form of transport for this event. You want the nightmare to happen in the attraction, not while you're trying to get there!

The London Dungeon

London's old and faithful Dungeon has been scaring the willies out of attendees for years, and it's only getting better and better since its relocation to the South Bank. Come face to face with Sweeney Todd, the demon barber, and avoid being made into pies. Walk the same streets as Jack the Ripper, whose identity still eludes historians and police alike. Explore London's old neighbourhoods with a 'pocket full of posies' over your face to avoid contracting the Black Death. It's great fun and they have special discounts for groups.

Thorpe Park

The words 'scream if you want to go faster' have never been more apt. Thorpe Park loves to get its groove on for the holiday season and has a special period that lasts no less than ten days! During this time, you can expect plenty of jumpy moments throughout the rides and, of course, the fairground's trademark Asylum attraction will be open for business. A wander through this horrifically terrifying interactive maze will leave you with nightmares. Watch your backs!

The Tower of London

Some of the things that happened in the Tower of London while it was used as a prison and (occasionally) torture venue. There are plenty of supernatural superstitions around the Tower and you might encounter a ghost or two, looking for family members or (more gruesomely) its own head. Former wife of Henry VIII Anne Boleyn is among those spectres to have been spotted here. Furthermore, the Tower's Beefeater staff go all out to impress people around Halloween time. Consider organising a group ghost walk in the evening as the venue closes - these are conducted by moonlight and are very atmospheric.

The Grenadier

If after all of that, you're in need of a stiff drink, be sure to visit the Grenadier. This licensed premises is located on Wilton Row in Victoria and it's said to be one of the most haunted venues in Britain. Once a soldier's mess hall, it is said hauntings started here after a particularly vicious murder. These ghostly appearances have terrified locals and visitors alike, and the barman will happily tell you all about them. Footsteps in empty rooms and other scary phenomenon are among the occurrences. 

Whatever you choose to do for Halloween, remember that the more people you take with you, the more fun you'll have. We've started you off with some inspiration. Now it's your turn to make the decision.

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