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Have a magical Christmas: Experience Hogwarts in the Snow

Have a magical Christmas: Experience Hogwarts in the Snow

What could be more magical than stepping into the real-life world of Harry Potter? Experiencing it under cover of snow with a very Christmassy makeover, that’s what. During the festive period, Warner Bros Studio Tour in London will be transformed into a winter wonderland, using the same techniques that were employed in the films.

From snow and ice that never melts to the set of the Great Hall carefully bedecked as if for the Yule Ball, it’s a must for all Potter fans. The silver colour scheme and icicles that formed the decoration for the celebration at the end of Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire are so evocative you could almost imagine Hermione walking in wearing that dress.

The tables are also laden with the kind of feast that was so brilliantly described by JK Rowling in the books and recreated for the films. A long line of Christmas trees is also in place, ensuring the Great Hall looks at its best and ready for the most beautiful time of the year.

It's not just the Great Hall that has received a seasonal makeover, however, as the Gryffindor Common Room and Boys’ Dormitory are also ready for Christmas. They are complete with handmade Christmas cards, making it seem like the characters have only just left.

Another element of the intricate sets to look out for is the fireplaces. From the Leaky Cauldron to the Great Hall, these are the ultimate in props, as you’ll find they make you feel warm and cosy, despite the effect of them being lit actually turning out to be a clever illusion.

If you’ve ever wondered how the shots of Hogwarts during wintertime were achieved, then this is your opportunity to find out. The incredible scale model of the castle was used on many occasions to show the school of wizardry and witchcraft in all its glory, but it was in the colder months that it looked at its best.

A combination of granulated paper and salt were sprinkled over the model to make it looks as natural as possible. This was achieved by a member of the crew standing on an elevated platform and distributing the fake snow with a sieve. You and your kids will be able to touch samples of the prop snow and see how it floats in the air.

Hogwarts in the Snow runs from November 18th to January 28th and tickets are selling fast. The best way to get your party to Warner Bros Studio Tour in London is to hire a coach. That way you will all be able to fit in, nobody has to drive and you will have a stress-free journey.

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