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Messing around in boats and other summer activities at Leeds Castle

Messing around in boats and other summer activities at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle makes for a great day out in Kent at any time of the year, but even more so during the summer months. From punting on its moat to open-air cinema and concert events, the historic pile has plenty to entertain everyone.

Punting in the moat

There’s nothing better than messing around in boats as the warmer weather sets in and the castle as a backdrop only enhances the experience. Sit back and relax as your smartly-dressed punter manoeuvres you around the moat to see the best views of the fortification.

Shakespeare’s The Tempest

If punting isn’t your thing, or you’d like to combine a number of activities during your visit, then think about booking up for a performance. On July 4th, the all-male touring company that a certain Mr Shakespeare used to be part of, will be coming to Leeds Castle.

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men will be putting on a version of The Tempest in full Elizabethan dress and accompanied by traditional music. This timeless classic will appeal to young and old, while the open-air setting adds an extra dimension to the tale centred around Prospero and his daughter Miranda.

40th anniversary classical concert

Leeds Castle has been hosting an annual classical concert in its grounds for four decades and will be putting on an extra-special edition to mark the occasion. As well as the music, there will be fireworks in what is set to be a spectacular finale.

Be sure to bring a picnic in order to get into the spirit of the occasion on July 14th and enjoy the event with your loved ones. There will be a wonderful party atmosphere, as regulars to the concert series mingle with newcomers 

Pop-up opera

Der Schauspieldirektor & Bastien und Bastienne will be the focus for the pop-up opera, which is set to be held on July 18th. Opera fans will get a chance to enjoy world-class talents in this unique setting, making for a truly memorable day.

Luna Cinema

Whether you are a fan of The Italian Job or more of a Dirty Dancing person, then there’s a Luna Cinema event at Leeds Castle to match your taste this summer. The Michael Caine cult classic will be shown on August 2nd, while you can see Patrick Swayze do his thing on August 4th. Alternatively, head to the castle on August 3rd and you’ll be treated to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Travelling to Leeds Castle

The best way to transport everyone to Leeds Castle is to book a private coach. They come in a number of different sizes, so even a relatively small coach will fit the bill.



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