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Plan a trip to Margate’s Dreamland to experience 9 new rides this summer

Plan a trip to Margate’s Dreamland to experience 9 new rides this summer

If you have a family of thrill-seekers, then a trip to Dreamland is an absolute must this summer. The amusement park in Margate is set to welcome nine new rides in time for its busiest time of the year, making it perfect for a fun-filled day out.

Among the new arrivals will be re-imagined versions of old favourites, restored vintage rides and new rollercoasters that will really test out the lungs. On top of these additional attractions, there will also be entertainment throughout the park.

Steve Gotkine, chief operating officer at Dreamland, said: "These incredibly exciting plans mean a summer of thrills at Dreamland for all the family. The new rides will bring a wealth of new exciting experiences to the park adding to the fun festival feel that can be enjoyed every day through our doors.

"The rides are part of our ongoing investment into Dreamland and Margate providing a wonderful venue for all generations to enjoy. New entertainment will be launched throughout the season – including the arrival of our resident acrobatic circus after Easter."

New rides at Dreamland in summer 2018

The Dreamland Drop

Towering above the park, The Dreamland Drop will give riders a 360-degree view as it rotates, before plummeting to earth in the ultimate thrilling experience.


Anyone who enjoyed Dreamland’s Mary Rose ride in the 1990s will be pleased to see Pendulum – a new take on the classic – which will allow a family of four to be swung and rotated side by side.

Pinball X

The unique appeal of Pinball X is that the riding experience is different every time, as the coaches undergo gravitational forces and inertia at the midpoint of the journey.

Air Force

Budding pilots can feel what it’s like to be on board an aeroplane as it completes acrobatic moves, including loop-the-loops up to eight metres off the ground.

Up, Up and Away

One for younger visitors, the colourful hot air balloons of Up, Up and Away will get theme park-lovers in training into the air.

Soaring Seagulls

Get peddling on the hang glider bikes that make up the Soaring Seagulls ride - the more you pump those pedals, the higher you go.

Rock the Boat

Your whole coach party will be able to climb aboard Rock the Boat together, as the rocking and whirling ride is set to have a capacity of 24 people.

The Vintage Caterpillar

Be transported back to the 1920s in the beautifully restored Vintage Caterpillar that was once a feature of the park.

To be named by a lucky competition winner

The final new ride is yet to be named, but it will come in the form of a rollercoaster reaching speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

How to get to Dreamland

The best way to get to and from Dreamland is to hire a private coach. Not only will you be able to enjoy a fun day out with a large group of friends and family, but everyone can flop into their seats after the sugar high from all that candyfloss has worn off without having to worry about who is driving or whether you’ve missed the right turn-off.


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