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See Britain as a tourist

See Britain as a tourist

All too often, we Brits glance at the rich plethora of tourist attractions throughout our wonderful isle and automatically think of them as being designed for those who are coming from overseas. Not so. Experience our incredible heritage and wonderful culture by visiting some of the venues below - things that people travel hundreds of thousands of miles to see. Your journey - provided by Kings Ferry, of course, should you choose to bring a few friends along for the ride - will be much shorter by comparison. Here are our choices for being a tourist in your own country.


Thousands of years ago at some point between 3,000 BC and 2,000 BC, a group of druids decided it would be a good idea to drag around 20 stones weighing around four tons from their original place in Wales to a random spot hundreds of miles away in Wiltshire. To this day, nobody knows why. But every year, thousands of people travel to the same spot to see exactly what all the fuss is about - and possibly feel quite sorry for whoever had to drag them here in the first place, because we're willing to bet it wasn't the druids themselves!

Leeds Castle

Few places in England come close to matching the extraordinary beauty possessed by Leeds Castle in Kent. Impeccably kept gardens, 500 acres of beautiful parkland and plenty of incredible history go a long way to earning it the official holder of the title: "The loveliest castle in the world." What's more, medieval festivals and celebrations from times gone by make for a fantastic day out with friends or extended family.

Tower of London

Quite frankly, we could have chosen any part of London for you to treat as a tourist - it's one of Europe's favourite cities and there's a great deal of history here. However, in the interest in keeping things balanced, we've gone for the Tower of London because it's one of those that everyone in the family can enjoy. The children will be thoroughly grossed out (and delighted) by the dark and vengeful stories told by the resident Beefeaters, while the grandparents will be entranced by the folklore behind the ravens. Everyone, of course, will be delighted to see the Crown Jewels.

Blenheim Palace

The proud and magnificent Blenheim Palace is testimony to the fact that history is anything but dull. Set in the Cotswolds, this fine example of baroque architecture has played host to a very young Winston Churchill (he was, in fact, born there) and many other famed Brits. A range of kids activities including jousting tournaments and themed family tours is enough to keep children of all ages entertained. 

Sherwood Forest

Getting away from stuffy houses and draughty castles, Sherwood Forest is 450 acres of natural beauty. The original home of Robin Hood, you will find plenty of references to both him and his band of merry men as you meander about, getting London out of your lungs.

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