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Top reasons why coaches are great for gig travel

Top reasons why coaches are great for gig travel

You're browsing the entertainment headlines to kill some time on a coffee break at work. Suddenly, you spot a title more interesting than the others - in between the latest Eastenders spoilers and Coldplay release. Your favourite artist is going on tour across the nation. Quickly, you assemble your friends on Facebook and inform them that you all have to go and experience the wonderment of this extraordinary event. You book the tickets but there remains one problem - how are you going to get there?

Follow our guidelines below and see if we can persuade you that travelling by coach to a gig is surely the only way to travel, beating rail, car and hot air balloon hands down.

A social environment

If you're off to have a good time with a group of friends - some of which you're not going to have seen in a while - you're going to want to have a good chinwag. Travelling by coach is a social method of transportation that sees a convivial atmosphere perpetuated throughout the vehicle. It's enormous fun, chatting to those sat around you, passing messages down from other people as though you're back at school. If you're going to see your favourite artist, you could even get a singalong going of some top tunes. Just as long as those on the back seat don't misbehave too much!

Travel in style

One of the main perks of travelling by coach rather than everyone taking their cars or jumping on a train is that you simply have the benefit of more comfort and style. Especially in a Kings Ferry coach, you almost won't want to leave. Spacious chairs and ample room for bags take all of the hassle out of travel, and you can even work by your own timetable rather than having to gather everyone in one place at any specific time. All of which makes for a stress-free experience.

Enjoy a drink

How many times have you been landed with the label 'designated driver'? Make sure it doesn't happen again by taking the coach. If someone else is driving, you can ensure that you can enjoy the festivities to the absolute max without worrying about the blood alcohol limit. And you can be sure of not having too far to go after the show is over. Coach parking tends to be much more conveniently placed than car parking, with many venues having separate areas for our vehicles entirely. This means you can cruise out while everyone else is still fighting to get out in the main car park.


When it comes to hopping on a coach rather than a car, the one thing you can guarantee is a lack of worry. You can forget about the hassle of shepherding everyone around on the Tube. You don't have to seek out the only parking space in a multi-storey situated a mile from the venue. Just get in touch and we'll do the rest

Be assured of professionalism

With Kings Ferry, you can be sure of complete professionalism and reliance at all times. We welcome you aboard our coaches with grace and charm before taking you on a perfectly smooth ride in plenty of time to your destination. Better than dealing with delays and cancellations, courtesy of National Rail.

It can be more cost-efficient

Depending on how many people you want to bring along to the performance, travelling by coach can be the more cost-efficient option. We have options for parties both large and small and if you can save a bit of cash, so much the better. Get in touch to learn more about our prices for everything from private parties to work dos to school trips.

Only one thing remains, and that's to tell you to enjoy yourself!

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