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Why book a coach for your wedding?

Why book a coach for your wedding?

Now that spring has sprung and the weather is starting to improve, everyone is looking forward to the summer. Not only is this a time for fun days out with the family, but also wedding season, which means working out lots of logistics for the prospective bride and groom.

One solution to the transport issue could be to hire a coach. We're not suggesting that the couple travel by this method on their big day, although that would certainly raise a few eyebrows. No, a coach could be the perfect way to ensure all your guests get to the right places at the right time. Here's why.

Avoid confusion

Weddings often take place in a venue or two that people are not familiar with. There have been many occasions when guests have put the name of a place into their satnav and set off for the venue. There are several potential problems with this. For example, churches often have the same or similar names and they could end up at one in a neighbouring village or town. The same goes for reception venues, such as pubs or hotels.

Prevent delays

Many a service has started late because key members of the congregation have not arrived on time. This may be because they got lost or simply didn't calculate the time the journey would take correctly. Hiring a coach means that everyone can be picked up in plenty of time and the professionals ensure the length of the route is taken into consideration.

If there are a lot of people coming in from out of town for the occasion, guests can be picked up from a hotel where the majority of them are staying. Such centralisation will help to keep everyone include the bride and groom relaxed on their wedding day.

No need to worry about parking

Parking can be a difficult area to organise whether you are planning a wedding or a large corporate event. Providing coach transport means there's no need to worry about how many cars guests will bring and where they will all fit. On occasions when cars have spilt out into neighbouring streets, some wedding guests have been hit with fines or been clamped, which can cause inconvenience or annoyance to family and friends.

Getting from the ceremony venue to the reception

Organising transport is not just about everyone getting to the church on time, but also making it to the next part of the proceedings. Those who arrived by coach can be ferried to the reception venue while discussing how beautiful the bride looked with their fellow passengers.

Helping those without cars

Not everybody drives a car and many wedding venues are not near public transport stops. This can make things difficult for those who don't have their own set of wheels, especially if they do not know the area well. Knowing they will be picked up and delivered to where they need to be will take the stress out of the situation for any guests finding themselves in these circumstances.

Lessen the impact on the environment

Fewer cars carrying just one or two people and the majority of guests all travelling together helps to minimise the impact on the environment. This is something everyone should be striving to achieve, especially when looking forward to a new life together.


All of Kings Ferry's coaches have been fitted out to a high standard and are regularly cleaned to ensure passengers have a pleasant and comfortable journey. This means they will adhere to the top quality elements that have been chosen for the wedding, following through with the sheen of the entire event.

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