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Enjoy London's cultural charms

Enjoy London's cultural charms

There are few cities in world that boast the wide range of attractions that London has to offer. And the capital's status as the cultural epicentre of the UK has been underlined by a new set of figures that show it to be the undisputed king.

Indeed, it has been revealed that cultural funding from central government is worth as much as £69 per London resident in 2012/13. By comparison, this figure falls to a paltry £4.60 for people elsewhere in the UK.

The study compiled by three arts figures has led to suggestions that there is a cultural "bias" towards London.

And while this has led to criticism in some quarters, government officials said that this disparity is needed because London is the country's biggest tourist destination, by far.

A spokesman for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport defended the current distribution of funding, saying: "London, of course, is the nation's capital and the location for hundreds of national and local arts companies and cultural organisations.

"It is also a magnet for overseas visitors, many of whom visit the capital because of its outstanding cultural offerings, boosting the national economy and helping growth. But we do need to be always vigilant to ensure that the distribution of public money is fair and transparent."

There is, therefore, loads to see and do on London's cultural scene, so why not take advantage on your next trip to the capital?

Theatreland, for instance, is one of the must-visit tourist hotspots and is generally regarded to be a great night out for all the family.

Of course, there are loads of great shows being staged here throughout the year and while tickets do not come cheap, it is definitely worth the expense.

What's more, you'll be near to many of the best bars and restaurants in the city centre, where you can continue your night of fun.

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