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Fun at the Southbank Centre

Fun at the Southbank Centre

London's Southbank Centre has an excellent reputation as one of the best cultural venues not just in the UK, but also in the entire world. Its ever changing programme features myriad events and you are not likely to be bored for a moment after you enter its doors. With so much going on, however, you may find it all rather tricky to keep track of, especially if you're planning to do something enjoyable with the children once they're back from their summer holidays.

With this in mind, we have prepared a bit of a guide for the events going on at the Southbank Centre from September onwards. One thing is certain - you can count on having plenty of fun at this inspirational venue.

The Human Factor

Art teachers listen up - this unique exhibition of quirky and child-friendly exhibits represents one of the most exciting showcases in London this year. Focusing on artists who aim to use their exposure to explore far-ranging concerns, it's great for encouraging kids to develop a sense of moral responsibility when it comes to being creative. Particularly adorable is the sculpture of the bear standing alongside a policeman.

London Wonderground

Performance teachers - whether singing, acting or even circus art - are among those who will want to enjoy this superb festival. Featuring everything from death-defying heights to amazing sideshows and outdoor performances, this is a not-to-be-missed showcase of extraordinary fun. Diva Meow Meow will once again be returning with her unique selection of entertainment while comic musical maestros The Tiger Lillies will be tickling some funny bones.

The House in the Sky

The world is in an ever constant state of flux, and London's own skyline is included in that. More than 230 buildings towering over 20 stories high are currently proposed, approved or under construction in the capital. Reflecting this, the House in the Sky exhibition asked ten artists from around the world to submit how they believe cities will look in the future. The results are beautiful, fascinating and, in some cases, downright alarming. Bring design students or those who you want to instil a greater sense of social responsibility.

Rachmaninoff: Inside Out

Music pupils will no doubt adore the opportunity to explore one of Classical's greatest composers, Rachmaninoff, who possessed hands so large he has infuriated all those who have tried to play his music. Taking place at the Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall on October 3rd, a performance by the London Philharmonic Orchestra will see his unique style explored.

One Million Tiny Plays about Britain

We rarely think about how thousands of people co-exist together in this country, living out their stories alongside one another. However, that's exactly what Craig Taylor has done in his latest play, which dramatises snatches of overheard conversations and confrontations in an attempt to show how freedom can be taken for granted, hard won and easily lost. A great one for drama or English students studying experimental theatre.

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