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Why book a coach for your school's sports day?

Why book a coach for your school's sports day?

Teachers organising sports days will find they have a lot of logistics to work out in order to make this annual event run as smoothly as possible. As well as ensuring the events are sorted out, medals collected and letters sent home, there is the whole issue of transport. Many schools have to go outside of their premises to hold their sports days and this is when a coach can come in very handy.

Transporting the children

Hiring a coach for sports day means that you can transport a large number of children safely at the same time. Teachers and parental helpers will be able to keep an eye on them as they sit, knowing they have their seatbelts on.

The coach will pick up from school and take them to their destination with no need for complicated changes or tickets on public transport. They will then return and ferry the pupils in the opposite direction once all of the races are complete.

All of Kings Ferry's drivers are CRB checked, meaning they are certified to be around children. This offers teachers and parents total peace of mind.

Bringing equipment along

There are all sorts of items that need to be transported along with the children to sports day. These include bats, balls, markers, prizes and refreshments. You'll find there's lots of space onboard to accommodate all of these additional items as you travel to a big green open area for the kids to run around in.

Value for money

Schools based in London can benefit from Kings Ferry's In-Between hire service. The way that this works is that educational institutions are offered cut-price coach transport by using the company's services after the morning commute is finished and before the evening rush hour begins. This means picking up after 9am and returning the kids to school before 3.15pm for a great value fare.

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