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BBC Radio Kent: Commuter Coach Feature

Ben Bhattal, Head of Sales: promoting the benefits of commuting by coach with The Kings Ferry.


A guaranteed seat on board a comfortable air-conditioned coach at around 25% less than the cost of a train and a 96% customer satisfaction rate are just a few reasons why more and more commuters are turning to travelling to work by coach with The Kings Ferry. BBC Radio Kent decided to highlight this fact on their Breakfast show, hosted by John Warnett and Clare McDonnell, by running a feature which pitted coach against train. In a rolling side-by-side comparison of coach vs train into the city, it included regular updates throughout the three hour programme from a reporter on the Kings Ferry coach and Chris Hill from the Alliance of Kent commuters on the train.

“Good morning, on a very quiet commuter coach, it’s absolutely packed. They all have their headphones on… we are just going past the service at Gravesend…I got on about 7/8 minutes ago, lovely and warm, nice comfortable seats, plenty of leg-room and in less than an hour I should be in Canary Wharf, a pretty speedy service…..terrific.”  
Phil Harrison – BBC Radio Kent Reporter


The Kings Ferry Head of Sales, Ben Bhattal was on-board and conducted a live interview. The comparison was a good chance to really see how the service stands up against the general perception that it takes longer by coach.

“Peoples general perception is that the coach takes longer, but this service we are currently on is scheduled to arrive in Canary Wharf in just under an hour.”
Ben Bhattal – The Kings Ferry


And it did just that, the commuter coach arrived just under the hour mark, ahead of the train, which had stopped due to unknown problems. 

Large increases in rail fares are also contributing to the shift. A typical annual season ticket by train will cost between £3500-£4000, the Kings Ferry commuter prices for a similar route and ticket range from £2060 to £2725.

The Kings Ferry: We have a great operations team who work very hard to inform the drivers of any traffic or issues and help them negotiate the routes; we also have a smartphone app so you can track your coach and avoid any unnecessary waiting…

BBC Radio: So you’re reliable, you’re cheap and efficient, and you can use the bus lanes…

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