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Commuter Tales - Video

Every day, thousands of commutes are undertaken to get workers into London. For some the experience is a chore and others a nightmare, while at a push, the act of getting into work can even be a delight if you travel with someone you like or if in comfort.

Here at Kings Ferry we know there are lots of different ways to commute into the capital and went to find out how these modes of transport measured up. Everyone has a story to tell, whether they travel by road, Tube or coach, from being elbowed by fellow passengers to being asked out on a date.

In this video, commuters were asked to describe their daily process in just one word, with responses varying from 'average' and 'variable' to a positive sounding 'exciting' and 'adventure'. Could you describe your commute in just one word and what things do you do to try and make it more pleasant?

London is a world-class city and some people use the commute to take advantage of this, while others get lost in the frustrations. Each day brings new challenges and stories, which shape the life of a commuter.

These personal tales have a resonance with anyone who spends time travelling in and out of the city on a daily basis. This turns individual stories into the experience of the masses and allows us to relate to what is being said.

Listen to the anecdotes of fellow commuters and see if you can spot scenarios that have also happened to you.

These are the commuter tales.

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