We're Eco-Friendly Inside & Out!

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We're Eco-Friendly Inside & Out!

World Kindness Day Eco-Friendly Transport

World Kindness Day is upon us and we are showing our love for the planet by reducing our impact on the environment even more!

Our coaches are already a greener way to travel and Euro 6 compliant (Euro 6 is the latest set of standards introduced by the European Commission to reduce harmful pollutants from vehicle exhausts). But we can always find ways to be more eco-friendly; starting with our office.

Going Cupless 

We have over 50 people in our Gillingham head office all fuelled by tea and coffee. So much so that we easily go through a massive 20 litres of hot beverages per day!
After realising how many cups we go through on a daily basis and after learning that it takes a single waxed cup up to 30 years to decompose, we quickly decided that this needed to change. 
As of the 13th November 2019, we have made the decision to go cupless. There won’t be a waxed cup in sight, with all our employees being encouraged to bring in their own personal mugs (the perfect opportunity for them to dust of those Christmas mugs that have been hiding in the back of their cupboards!).

New Paper Waste Bins

While it is necessary for us to print certain documents, we have partnered with a local recycling company to provide us with a solution to effectively recycle our paper waste and monitor the waste we are generating. 
The installation of new paper waste bins around the office has helped us reduce our environmental impact. And so we don’t forget to take the recycling bins out, the recycling company comes to the office on a weekly basis to collect and recycle our paper waste. 
We are always thinking of new ways in which we can help save the planet and are continuously working to make our coaches even more eco-friendly. 

Future Innovation

Our parent company, National Express, are running trials on the first fully electric buses in Coventry, Birmingham and Solihull. Although electric cars have been around for a while, this technology is relatively new in the bus and coach industry. 
We’re confident that once the trials on the electric buses are successful, it will not be long until the technology reaches the coach industry. 
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