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GovToday Sustainable Transport 2014

Sustainable Transport 2014: Ultra low carbon travel will try to identify how improved transport infrastructure can be achieved in order to nurture fledgling economic growth without costing the earth - both in financial and environmental terms.  The conference will consider how a number of capital funding streams: can be best deployed to achieve financially and environmentally sustainable local and national transport networks.

Along with our presence in the exhibition Danny Elford, Business Solutions Director for The Kings Ferry and National Express will be holding a Masterclass on 'Sustainable solutions for getting people to work and reducing car dependency' - by showing the benefits of coach commuting for businesses, councils and local communities.


The Masterclass will start at 14:20



The Kings Ferry Ltd - Sustainable Commuting – The Greenest form of Ground Transportation

Theme: The environmental and economic benefit of commuting by coach


Benefits of attending:

  • Find out more about the environmental and economic benefits of commuting by coach.
  • Explore how we can offer a professional way of travel and switch people from car to coach.
  • Hear about our experience of launching a new commuter service based on our experience in this market.
  • Learn more about the commuter model and how we can offer improved transport links for key employment areas.


Brief Summary of content:

  • The Kings Ferry Commuter Experience so far
  • Overview of current services
  • New ventures new locations
  • Partnerships
  • Environmental and economic benefits
  • L.A. Funding



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