Ski 2020

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Ski 2020

Our Annual Ski Trip has arrived! 

The 10th year running of the annual ski trip took place last week. This event is in partnership with out client HTS - another year on and it's the biggest to date! 

On the 14th February, 86 coaches, 5034 passengers all travelled to a total of 30 resorts all in Austria, France and Spain! Accumulating a grand total of 165,506 miles, there and back! 

Ski Trip

The week long trip was a big success and we had many happy students and teachers that had experienced an amazing holiday with the support from our connection operators and drivers. 

One of our passengers has written in positive feedback:

I have just returned from our annual ski trip to Austria with your company. I have to tell you that we have experienced the BEST drivers we have ever had. Their professionalism was second to none. They went above and beyond to ensure my staff and studennts had the most amazing time. Involving themselves in entertainment and helping out in loading the skis and boots on. Helping students and making the journey to and from the resort so smooth. 

Ski Trip

We Would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff and drivers for their dedication and effort throughtout the trip and organisation from the HTS team!


Here's to next year! Let's hope storm Ciara and Denise stay away! 


Austria Ski Trip

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