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Trustpilot lets our true colours shine

We live in a world where word of mouth (or should I say text/type) is more influential than ever, especially when it comes to buying decisions. People have always had opinions, but they never used to make it any further than their circle of friends, or even Susan at the hairdressers at a push.

These days everyone and anyone can log on and let the whole world know exactly what they think about a product or service, and it will be added to a long list of other customer opinions, where any potential buyer can sit and read to their hearts content until they make up their mind.

People trust what others say about a product or service, agreed, the old way was more powerful, they knew each other, their opinions were valuable. An online review does not carry as much credibility, you’ve never met the person and their core values may be at odds to yours so why listen to them? Fair point but when you add it to many others, suddenly they have some impact.

Your decision is swayed by public opinion, displayed to you in a very attractive star rating removing the need to even process this information for yourself, it tells you. If your company or brand provide a good service you can see this is a great way of gaining more enquiries as it is the best advertising on offer.

 At The Kings Ferry we receive some great direct feedback, and we are confident that by letting people provide it publicly that our true colours will shine through.

The introduction of Trustpilot allows private hire customers to leave their review accessed by a unique link sent to them via a post journey mail. It’s been a great start, with a trustscore of 9.2/10 which is labelled as Excellent. A recent increase in website conversion rates by 26% provides good evidence that it is making a difference too.

As we say….The Kings Ferry, a name you can trust.

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