Ways to stay productive when self isolating

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Ways to stay productive when self isolating

During the UK lockdown, we can imagine other than working from home people are running out of ideas of how to stay productive whilst self isolating.

It is important we keep our minds and bodies active during this time. Let’s make a positive out of this situation and realise that we can finally get round to the projects that we have been putting! We are all guilty of doing this but now we have no excuses!

Here are some ideas of things to do at home whilst self isolating…

Things to do

Stay active - Keep your body active with multiple home exercises. Yoga, HIIT and gym exercises all can be done at home even without the equipment. Remember Government's guidelines state that we are allowed to go out once a day for outdoor exercise and this can involve a walk, run or bike ride! Download an app and start a goal - run further each week and become a pro!

Exercise your mind - As much as it is important to keep your body active, it is equally important to keep your mind active. This can involve reading them books that are collecting dust on the shelf or purchasing online books. With everything going on and being spoken about it is refreshing to have a break from reality and get lost in fiction.

Go green - the sun is out and spring has begun, no better reason to get in the garden. This is a great way to get outdoors and get some fresh air, especially if you have been abandoning your garden duties for some time. Plant loads of flowering plants to give it a splash of colour and start growing your own vegetables!

Get on with some DIY - We are all guilty of ignoring those DIY chores but now we have no more excuses! Let’s get the home decorated and all the jobs completed that we have been putting off. We have more time on our hands now so no one can get away with saying ‘I will do that later’.

Spring Clean - No time like the present to get the house feeling fresh! Distract the children with fun activities and get the cleaning equipment out! Work on each room at a time and let’s all become house proud like Mrs Hinch. Check out her website and social media for cleaning tips during COVID-19.

Start a hobby - We all have that dream list of things we would love to get back into or learn how to do. Now is the time! Whether this is painting, sewing or building. Get your motivation into full gear and get started!

Online courses - For all those that were hoping to do more educational activities during the coming months, remember that there are online courses you can sign up to and learn a new subject all from the comfort of your home!

Movie Marathon - There are hundreds of TV series or films that we can access at the click of a button and now is the time to get them ticked off our wish list. If you are thinking that you have no one who would watch your favourite show or movie with you, then Netflix has the solution! Have a ‘Netflix Party’ with friends and family that are not in your household allowing you to watch the TV and chat at the same time.

Send some love - We unfortunately can not see our loved ones during this time but it is important to check in and spread smiles across our families faces. Send letters, emails and texts to our family members reminding them to stay positive and to brighten up their days. Send letters and pictures to local care homes for the vulnerable that may need some comfort.

Volunteer - Vulnerable people during this pandemic are struggling to do their daily tasks of shopping and picking up medication. NHS are asking for volunteers to help these individuals and keep them safe. You can even help from your home if you are having to self isolate by being on the phone to people that need to hear a voice.

During this time of having to self isolate, please remember to stay positive and keep active. Remember that staying at home can save lives and being productive at home can help our mind and body and most importantly make the world a safer place.

Together we can beat this - one day at a time!

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