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Coach Travel London and Kent - Fares and Tickets

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Commuter Coach Travel To London

  • If you need to travel on a Medway Service, but have a ticket for a Maidstone, Swale or Bean/Tollgate service, you are required to pay an upgrade of £5 per journey.
  • Local Journeys (Within the same region) are charged at £5 per journey.

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Journey Bundles

Use them at any time, great for part-time or ad-hoc travelling

If you don't travel Monday to Friday, then our Journey Bundles are perfect for you. Journey Bundles offer you a set number of journeys that can be used at any time within 6 months, and better still, the more you buy the greater the discount.Saving you time, money and they conveniently fit around your working schedule.

Season Tickets

Annual Season Tickets

Annual Season Tickets can be purchased online via our website here.

  • Annual Season tickets can be purchased from the website using your credit/debit card or the office with either cash, company cheque or by credit card made payable to The Kings Ferry Ltd. Company cheques for annual season tickets should be given clearance time prior to commencement. Once the cheque has cleared we will add the funds to your account to allow you to pay via your 'Wallet' balance. All applications must be paid in advance of issue. No ticket will be issued unless it is paid for.
  • To purchase an Annual Season Ticket customers are required to register an account on The Kings Ferry website. A passport style photograph is required upon registration. Your ticket will appear in your account immediately after payment has been successfully received.
  • In the case of illness we may freeze your ticket, please contact us in order to do so. You must provide a doctor's certificate or hospital letter (self certificating sickness is not acceptable) to cover the period that your ticket is held. When you return to work you will be issued with a new ticket with the expiry date extended to match the number of travelling days missed.
  • Any purchase made by us on your behalf will be charged a £2.50 booking fee.
  • This season ticket must be carried on every journey, without it you will be charged for the journey.

Season Ticket Refund Procedure

  • The season ticket must be posted or handed in person to our office immediately. Credit will be given from the date the ticket is in our possession or the post mark on the envelope.
  • Without the season ticket no refund will be given.
  • Annual seasons - the charge has been calculated on 40 weeks' travel and after that period has passed no refund is payable. A refund will be based on the cost of the ticket less the cost of the number of four week tickets, five day tickets and day return tickets that would have been necessary to cover travel on the days of the expired portion.
  • As most employers retrieve season ticket loans by 12 equal monthly installments, if you surrender your ticket, you will find that you owe your employer more than the ticket's refund value.
  • It is suggested that due to the above point, you may pay your employer back over a 9 month period.
  • With regards to tickets paid for by Company cheques, the refund will be made payable to the Company unless authorisation is made in writing by the Company for the refund to be made payable to the ticket holder.

Please read the sections entitled "Annual Season Tickets" and "Refunds" before purchasing for a season ticket. Conditions of Carriage must be agreed to before the application can be completed.

If you have any queries please call our Commuter Department on 01634 377577

How to buy a ticket

Most of our tickets are only available to purchase from our online booking portal which can be accessed via your computer or mobile. For more information please view our Mobile Ticketing guide.


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