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Cyclopark / Timetable changes

Why are you reducing the number of services through Bean?

There has been a need for a long time to increase the security of the facilities we provide for our customers. With that in mind we have worked hard to introduce a new park and ride site at Cyclopark, Tollgate. This is a state of the art facility, fully illuminated complete with CCTV and number plate recognition, providing a safe and secure parking alternative to Bean Car Park. We have directed many of our services through Tollgate instead Bean firstly to serve the new facility and secondly to improve journey times as serving Bean is more of a detour from the motorway than Tollgate.

We were keen to maintain a frequent service to Bean for those passenger that wish to continue using it. With 11 services over the morning commuter window, this provides sufficient services to maintain suitable frequency.  

Will the 720a still serve Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre?

Yes, but only the 720a PM will serve this stop, not the AM service - currently it does not show PM arrivals in our timetable, but please view our PM tiemtable pages on our website for more information.

What is the refund policy for Cyclopark permits?

Refunds will be made on any parking permit, taking into account the cost of parking for the period already used. This cost would be calculated using the normal rates charged for the given period, this amount will then deducted from the amount originally paid. The remaining amount is the amount refunded.


E.g. Paid for an annual pass: £375, a refund is required after 26 weeks (26 week permit is £195).

£375 - £195 = £180 The customer is refunded £180

Which services will now serve Tollgate?

715,716,717 and 721 will now serve Tollgate instead of Bean

700,719 & 720 will continue to serve Bean

722 will no longer serve Bean

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