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It's snow problem for The Kings Ferry

Even top Premiership footballers have to deal with the snow; they are not immune to the havoc that it brings. If there was ever an advert for the benefits of coach travel during times of adverse weather then this is definitely it.

As valued clients of The Kings Ferry VIP service, Fulham FC and Norwich City FC relax in the knowledge that we will look after them, as we do all our customers.
As their dedicated transport provider we take the first teams and staff to their away fixtures. For longer distances they often choose the airways, and their VIP vehicles are used for the transfers to and from the airports at either end.

With the UK experiencing a 'white-out' in the last few weeks the airports were hugely affected leaving many stranded or having to make other arrangements. Fulham and Norwich were no exception to this, thankfully The Kings Ferry were on hand.

Fulham FC's team coach had gone ahead to Manchester for their away trip to City, awaiting the player's arrival at Manchester Airport. When, because of the weather they realised they may not be able to fly from Farnborough, The Kings Ferry provided another coach to take them to Euston where they eventually caught the train. With the Team coach having to change its pick up point too.

Norwich City had a similar experience before and after their game away to Liverpool. Firstly they were forced to travel a day earlier than usual, on the Thursday night as there was no guarantee they would be able to fly out of Norwich Airport on the Friday. At 11am on the Thursday a decision was made to try and travel that night. The Team coach dispatched to meet them at 6pm at Liverpool Airport, but as there was no guarantee that they would actually fly we had to have a back-up coach at Norwich Airport. The flight was delayed and they eventually met up with the Team coach in Liverpool at 11pm. After the game, again no guarantee that Norwich Airport would be open, so the Team coach was kept in reserve to drive them back to Norwich. Should they have been able to take off from Liverpool and not land at Norwich the likely airport any if any diversion was required would have been Stansted and we planned for a coach to be there too. All that because a bit of the white stuff?

Naturally we delivered everything that was asked of us and at such short notice this was quite a lot. We are happy to go above and beyond for all our clients, and look forward to many happy years as Fulham and Norwich official coach travel partners.

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