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Conservative 'Battle Bus'

David Cameron 2015 Election Campaign, Battle Bus

For nearly 100 years, politicians have climbed aboard buses and toured the country to sell their parties' General Election messages to voters.

Thousands of miles have been covered by the political party leaders as they trekked across the nation in the hope of securing victory on May 7.

With so many places to visit, so many people to see, each of the leaders – David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage – wants to be seen as in touch with the people of Britain. But which leader has gone the extra mile?

This is where The Kings Ferry is involved. We were selected, for the second time, as the coach travel provider for the Conservative election campaign, providing 3 luxury vehicles for David Cameron and his team to enjoy whilst on their travels around the UK.

David Cameron 2015 Election Campaign, Battle Bus

The first rally of the campaign was at a school at Chippenham in Wiltshire, where the Conservatives were hoping to overturn Duncan Hames's Liberal Democrat majority of just over 2,400.

Mr Cameron - jacket off, sleeves rolled up - made a short 10 minute speach to about 300 Tory in a school hall, then headed straight back to London to continue his campaign.

David Cameron 2015 Election Campaign, Battle Bus

In total David Cameron’s campaign travelled saw him travel 7,862 miles, most of which on-board The Kings Ferry. The final journey saw the campaign travel from Carlisle to Newcastle Airport on Wednesday, day 38 to fly home before voting began at 7am the next morning.

The BBC made a short film introducing the ‘Battle Bus’ and we also have an interview with David Cameron himself on-board from his private rear lounge.

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