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Top 3 Christmas Markets

It’s that time of year where people are starting to think about Christmas shopping, some of you may be so incredibly organised you have already finished! 

If you’re in search for some Christmas magic and gift inspiration, the best place for you to go is to a Christmas Market. With cute wooden chalets, handcrafted decorations and traditional festive foods, you will find everything you need at one of these markets. 
We’ve been taking people to Christmas Markets for many years now and over time these three have proved to be the best in our eyes;  

Christmas Markets

Arras, France

30th November – 30th December 2019
Arras Christmas Market
Surrounded by Flemish Baroque architecture, is the magnificent Grand’Place. Each year the main square transforms into a magical Christmas wonderland. With over 140 artisans and exhibitors, you are bound to pick up some delicate Christmas goodies. From authentic wooden toys to handcrafted decorations, this French Christmas market has something wonderful for everyone. 
If Christmas shopping has left you feeling a bit peckish, there are plenty of food stalls dotted around serving roasted chestnuts and spiced bread.  

Bruges, Belgium

25th November – 31st December 2019
Bruges Christmas Market
The Bruges Christmas Market is a wonderful event that embodies Christmas spirit. Grote Markt is where all the magic happens. Lined with pretty, wooden chalets and a glittering ice rink, Bruges is Belgium’s most popular Christmas market. The festive atmosphere spreads beyond Grote Markt as there are unique little markets all over the city.
Belgium is famous for its incredible food with the Bruges Christmas Market showcasing all the best delicacies. Warm up with some freshly baked waffles and a cup of hot cocoa or perhaps celebrate with a traditional Belgian beer. 

Bath, England

28th November – 15th December 
Bath City Christmas Market
The award-winning Christmas Market in Bath is a wonderful event lasting 18 magical days. With over 150 twinkling chalets to wander around, you are bound to pick up some festive goodies for a loved one.  You will find personalised presents, traditional Christmas decorations and artisan gifts created by local makers. 
Throughout the market you will find plenty of delicious food to satisfy your appetite. From tasty burgers and hog roasts to caramelised nuts, all washed down with a warm glass of mulled wine. 

How to get there

Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones; family and friends. So what better way to spend time with them than to hire a coach to travel to one of these fantastic Christmas Markets.
Coach travel doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t need huge groups to make it worth your while. The key is to hire the most accurate size coach to keep costs low for everyone, we have 16 to 77 seater coaches. There’s also more than enough room to transport all the presents you’ll be buying!
Make this Christmas magical with coach hire through The Kings Ferry. 

Brexit | Travelling to Europe After 31 October

Visiting Europe after Brexit


Stay up to date 

The UK are due to leave the EU on 31 October. We have been advised by the Department of Transport that there will be changes that may affect you travelling to Europe in the event of a no-deal Brexit. 
We will continually update this page with the latest Brexit related travel information. However, please be advised to check the Government website for the latest information on a regular basis if you are planning to travel or are travelling into Europe in the immediate future. 
You can sign up to get email alerts from the Government to get the latest information.
You can also get travel advice for the country you’re visiting, including local information about travel, laws and customs, and money.

Passports: Check if you need to renew

Did you know you may need to renew your British passport earlier if you’re travelling after Brexit.
On the day you travel, your passport will need to:
have at least 6 months’ validity
be less than 10 years old (even if it has 6 months or more left)
If you do not renew your passport, you may not be able to travel to most EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.
If you are unsure if your passport will allow you to travel, you can use a Government tool to check whether your passport is valid for the country you’re visiting.
Please note, it usually takes 3 weeks to renew your passport. Although, there is a premium service if you need it sooner.
These rules do not apply to travel to Ireland. You can continue to use your passport as long as it’s valid for the length of your stay.

Healthcare: Check you’re covered

You should always get appropriate travel insurance with healthcare cover before you go abroad.
After Brexit your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card may not be valid.
It’s particularly important you get travel insurance with the right cover if you have a pre-existing medical condition. This is because the EHIC scheme covers pre-existing conditions, while many travel insurance policies do not.
You can read advice on buying travel insurance with the right cover.


There may be changes after Brexit. What these are depend on how you’re travelling.
However you travel, check before you leave for any delays or disruption.

Flights, ferries, cruises, Eurostar and Eurotunnel, bus and coach services

After Brexit, the following will be able to run as before:
ferries and cruises
the Eurostar and Eurotunnel
bus and coach services between the UK and the EU
If you’re flying:
airport security procedures will not change for direct flights to and from the UK
there should not be delays at airport security if you change flights in EU airports
Bus and coach services to non-EU countries, for example Switzerland or Andorra, may be effected and as a result may not be able to run. The government is working to make sure that these continue to run with minimal or no disruption. Please check the Government website for updates or contact your dedicated travel consultant if you have any further questions.

Entering other countries

Visas: you should not need one for short trips

After Brexit, you will not need a visa for short trips, according to European Commission proposals. You could stay for up to 90 days in any 180-day period. You may need a visa or permit to stay for longer, or to work or study.
Please check the Government website for updates. 
When the rules are confirmed, information about how to get a visa if you need one will be on each country’s travel advice page.
Travel to Ireland will not change after Brexit. 

Border control: you may have to show your return ticket and money

At border control, you may need to:
show a return or onward ticket
show you have enough money for your stay
use separate lanes from EU, EEA and Swiss citizens when queueing

Other Brexit changes

You’ll need to declare cash of £10,000 or more (or the equivalent in another currency) if you take it between the UK and any other country.
If you’re a business:
you may need to make a customs declaration if you take goods with you to sell abroad or use for business
find out what else you need to do to prepare your business for Brexit
For further details on any of the above and for information regarding; driving, travel insurance policies, pet travel, mobile data roaming or if your travel company goes out of business, please visit the Government website

The Great Office Bake Off

Here at The Kings Ferry we love The Great British Bake Off. We love it so much so that we decided to hold our own ‘Great Office Bake Off’.

After enlisting the help of the team, we created our own awesome promotional video on-board our VIP coach and the #GOBO Challenge was born. 

The #GOBO Challenge

We challenge other companies around the UK to take part in the Great Office Bake Off and to show us their best bakes. With the likes of National Express and Waterstones already getting involved, there’s still time to share your office’s bakes. 
To be part of the challenge, all we ask is that you use the #GOBO and tag us in so we can see your delicious creations.

Vote for Your Star Baker

As if we could settle for a bake off video, every Friday staff at The Kings Ferry bake that week’s theme. We’re not sure about everyone else but in this office we are fuelled by cake and sugar!
It’s then up to our fantastic followers to vote for their favourite on our Facebook page and crown the weeks’ Star Baker.
Let’s take a look at the entries so far… 

Week 4 | Dairy

Your Star Baker...

Coming Tuesday...


We only had one baker this week, Vikki. 
Vikki’s duo of Banoffee Pies went down extremely well in the office, but she’s not giving the recipe away as it’s a family secret. As no one else in the office volunteered for Dairy Week, we had to improvise and find a fake image of a cheesecake. 
Who will be your Star Baker?  Vote Now


Week 3 | Bread

Your Star Baker…

Gemma's spectacular Rosemary & Sea Salt bread went down a treat and is our Week 3 Star Baker thanks to your votes. 

Gemma's Rosemary & Sea Salt Bread | Bread Week Star Baker


The Entries…

Our two bakers this week are Gemma and Jay.
Both bakers raised the bar with some interesting flavours. Gemma’s homemade Rosemary and Sea Salt bread has filled the office with its sensational aroma. Jay’s homemade Sweet Cinnamon Sugar bread has the perfect amount of sweetness to satisfy any sugar craving.
Who will be your Star Baker?


Week 2 | Biscuits

Your Star Baker…

Sophia’s Gingerbread embodied the infamous Kings Ferry crown this week winning the majority vote. It was so delicious, it was gone within the hour!
Biscuit Week Great Office Bake Off Star Baker Winner


The Entries…

Our two bakers this week are Nicki and Sophia. 
Nicki’s chocolate-chip shortbread cookies are coloured in our iconic green and yellow, a winning combination. While Sophia’s giant gingerbread is in the shape of our fabulous crown, definitely a crowd pleaser. 
Who will be your Star Baker? 


Week 1 | Cake 

Your Star Baker…

Jay’s homemade fruit cake won the heart of the nation in our first ever Great Office Bake Off. A delicious entry and well deserved!
Great Office Bake Off Cake Week Star Baker Winner


The Entries…

Our two bakers this week are Jay and one sheepish baker who wished to remain anonymous.
Jay’s homemade fruitcake is garnished with edible daisies, a sweet bake cooked to perfection. Whereas our sheepish baker had a little help from the local Tesco, in the shape of a chocolate birthday cake. 
Who will be your Star Baker? 



The Great Escape to the Countryside

Breathe in the fresh air of the British countryside as you sit back and relax.

Embark upon a rural escape where you’ll find rolling hills and cobblestone streets. 
With most Britons living amongst the hustle and bustle of cities, a countryside getaway is the perfect solution for some downtime. Reconnect with nature and watch the world go by from one of these idyllic destinations;

Lake District

Lake District Countryside
Located in North West England, the Lake District is a World Heritage Site. With its high fells, glacial lakes and rural villages, it’s no surprise tourists from around the world visit this magnificent destination. It is home to England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike. Scafell Pike is part of the National Three Peaks Challenge, a challenge that involves climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales, often within 24 hours.
The Lake District not only has the highest peak but it also holds other national records. It has Wastwater, England’s deepest lake and Windermere, the longest lake in England.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds Countryside
The Cotswolds span almost 800 square miles across five counties. It is the largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales. With lively market towns, typical quaint English villages, breath-taking castles and gorgeous country houses, sightseeing in the Cotswolds will take you on a tour of all things countryside. 
The Cotswolds also benefit from a rich harvest of cheeses, meats and locally brewed drinks. Visitors can enjoy a spot of fine dining and taste the fresh local produce in one of the many Gastropubs and old Inns.


Snowdonia National Park Mount Snowdon
Snowdonia is a spectacular National Park in northern Wales surrounded by mountains and glacial landforms. It is home to the highest peak in Wales, Mount Snowdon. Many have scaled the mountain as part of the National Three Peaks Challenge. However, for those who don’t fancy hiking to the top the iconic Snowdon Mountain Railway will take you up to the summit. Mount Snowdon has some of the most beautiful views from its peak, treating its visitors to views across the sea to Ireland.  
Snowdonia has plenty of activities to do in addition to hiking to the top of its famous peak. Take a refreshing dip in the deep, clear waters of the Watkins Path waterfalls. The park also has countless mountain biking trials for you to discover. If you’re looking for a thrill why not whizz along the sky on the world’s fastest zip line! 

Getting to the Countryside

Many National Parks welcome coaches in a bid to reduce the amount of cars roaming around. Coach travel is one of the most eco-friendly modes of transport. 
If you’re travelling as a group, no matter the size, we can get you to your destination altogether. We regularly transport groups to the UK’s National Parks; from ramblers to wedding parties and everything in-between!
Find out how you can escape to the countryside with The Kings Ferry. 

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