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Happy Leap Day!

10 things to do on a Leap Day! 

A leap day comes round every 4 years, which means that the 29th February does not come around quite as frequently as the other 365 days of the year. With that in mind, why not do something different to celebrate?!
Here are 10 suggestions of things to do that is a little out of the ordinary! 

Leap day

1. Ladies, time to pop the question - Although we are in a world where equality is key, the traditional 'men proposes to women' scenario can really switch around today so women if you want to take control then this is your day! 

2. Starting planning a trip - Plan a trip that you have wanted to do but never got round to planning! Whether that is abroad or travelling within the UK, The Kings Ferry can help with your mode of transport and offer ideas of what to do. 

3. Write yourself a future letter for 2024 leap year - Write yourself goals in what you want to achieve and reminder ourselves of what our thoughts were in the past. 

4. Donate to a charity - Make a difference to a charity by giving a donation! Consider a charity you have not heard of before but admire what they stand for. 

5. Cook a new recipe - experiemtn in the kitchen! The City of Anthony is located between Texas and New Mexico and is the Leap Year capital, so why not celebrate by eating a traditional Mexican dish! 

6. Become a Qizard at the Potion Room - For all you Harry Potter lovers, there is an event in London at the Cutter and Squidge. Check out there website for more info! 

7. Lightopia Festival - Exhibitions at Chiswick House and Gardens displaying a light trail of lanterns and lights in forms of flowers and animals. Great fun for the family! 

8. London's River Walk - explore London Rivers and learn the pivotal role they played throughout history. Plus reach your 10,000 steps a day target! 

9. Read The Leap Year Book by Barbara Sutton-Smith - There is no better day to start this read! But make sure you read it quickly as you don't want to wait another 4 years to find out the ending.

10. Bake a Frog Cake!!!! Time to get baking, but make sure it doesn't LEAP off your plate! 


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Ski 2020

Our Annual Ski Trip has arrived! 

The 10th year running of the annual ski trip took place last week. This event is in partnership with out client HTS - another year on and it's the biggest to date! 

On the 14th February, 86 coaches, 5034 passengers all travelled to a total of 30 resorts all in Austria, France and Spain! Accumulating a grand total of 165,506 miles, there and back! 

Ski Trip

The week long trip was a big success and we had many happy students and teachers that had experienced an amazing holiday with the support from our connection operators and drivers. 

One of our passengers has written in positive feedback:

I have just returned from our annual ski trip to Austria with your company. I have to tell you that we have experienced the BEST drivers we have ever had. Their professionalism was second to none. They went above and beyond to ensure my staff and studennts had the most amazing time. Involving themselves in entertainment and helping out in loading the skis and boots on. Helping students and making the journey to and from the resort so smooth. 

Ski Trip

We Would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff and drivers for their dedication and effort throughtout the trip and organisation from the HTS team!


Here's to next year! Let's hope storm Ciara and Denise stay away! 


Austria Ski Trip

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Wembley Coach Park

Wembley's Pink Coach Park 

Wembley's new coach park opened yesterday for operation testing and The Kings Ferry Group are honoured to be part of the day!

We sent 50 of our vehicles including our Kings Ferry fleet to test the car park for access and traffic impact at high capacity. 


This facility provides an easier journey for our drivers. Facilities include 24 hour coach parking, overnight stays and London designer outlet. The coach park will be able to accommodate up to 300 coaches in its two storey complex during peak times. This is a double celebration for us as National Express have recently renewed their partnership with Wembley until 2023 as Wembley's Official Coach Supplier! 

Wembley Pink Coach Park

Our team provided positive feedback about how the day went and how this will improve events in the future. 


'Great to be part of the day and get a first hand experience of how the day to day access will operate. This will play a fundamental part in the ground transport management and logistics for the large events such as the Euro's 2020. It wasa great day for our team and drivers.'

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