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Ways to stay productive when self isolating

During the UK lockdown, we can imagine other than working from home people are running out of ideas of how to stay productive whilst self isolating.

It is important we keep our minds and bodies active during this time. Let’s make a positive out of this situation and realise that we can finally get round to the projects that we have been putting! We are all guilty of doing this but now we have no excuses!

Here are some ideas of things to do at home whilst self isolating…

Things to do

Stay active - Keep your body active with multiple home exercises. Yoga, HIIT and gym exercises all can be done at home even without the equipment. Remember Government's guidelines state that we are allowed to go out once a day for outdoor exercise and this can involve a walk, run or bike ride! Download an app and start a goal - run further each week and become a pro!

Exercise your mind - As much as it is important to keep your body active, it is equally important to keep your mind active. This can involve reading them books that are collecting dust on the shelf or purchasing online books. With everything going on and being spoken about it is refreshing to have a break from reality and get lost in fiction.

Go green - the sun is out and spring has begun, no better reason to get in the garden. This is a great way to get outdoors and get some fresh air, especially if you have been abandoning your garden duties for some time. Plant loads of flowering plants to give it a splash of colour and start growing your own vegetables!

Get on with some DIY - We are all guilty of ignoring those DIY chores but now we have no more excuses! Let’s get the home decorated and all the jobs completed that we have been putting off. We have more time on our hands now so no one can get away with saying ‘I will do that later’.

Spring Clean - No time like the present to get the house feeling fresh! Distract the children with fun activities and get the cleaning equipment out! Work on each room at a time and let’s all become house proud like Mrs Hinch. Check out her website and social media for cleaning tips during COVID-19.

Start a hobby - We all have that dream list of things we would love to get back into or learn how to do. Now is the time! Whether this is painting, sewing or building. Get your motivation into full gear and get started!

Online courses - For all those that were hoping to do more educational activities during the coming months, remember that there are online courses you can sign up to and learn a new subject all from the comfort of your home!

Movie Marathon - There are hundreds of TV series or films that we can access at the click of a button and now is the time to get them ticked off our wish list. If you are thinking that you have no one who would watch your favourite show or movie with you, then Netflix has the solution! Have a ‘Netflix Party’ with friends and family that are not in your household allowing you to watch the TV and chat at the same time.

Send some love - We unfortunately can not see our loved ones during this time but it is important to check in and spread smiles across our families faces. Send letters, emails and texts to our family members reminding them to stay positive and to brighten up their days. Send letters and pictures to local care homes for the vulnerable that may need some comfort.

Volunteer - Vulnerable people during this pandemic are struggling to do their daily tasks of shopping and picking up medication. NHS are asking for volunteers to help these individuals and keep them safe. You can even help from your home if you are having to self isolate by being on the phone to people that need to hear a voice.

During this time of having to self isolate, please remember to stay positive and keep active. Remember that staying at home can save lives and being productive at home can help our mind and body and most importantly make the world a safer place.

Together we can beat this - one day at a time!

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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Sunday from The Kings Ferry Group.

Easter Sunday 2020 is going to be a bit different compared to other years but let’s not let ruin the fun! Kids love Easter mainly for the chocolate and activities and we have ideas for a fun packed day, all you need is some imagination, arts and crafts and lots of chocolate!  

Easter Sunday

Easter Egg Hunt - It would not be Easter if it was not for the classic easter egg hunt which can be done indoors or in the garden. Clues and a map can be added and don’t worry if you don't have much chocolate- you can hide anything!!! Just remember where you placed it all!

Easter baking - Let’s get messing in the kitchen and make easter themed cakes! This involves a lot of chocolate and decorating so perfect to entertain the children! Just remember to keep the egg shells - you’ll find out why soon!

Egg decorations - Keep all your empty egg shells and get out the arts and craft draw - let’s get creative! Decorate each egg with paint and glitter or try and make different easter characters.

Be a bunny - Whilst you have all the paints and glitter out, why don’t you make bunny masks for the children to dress up, hop and play! Competition - A favourite school activity that can now be done at home is to make an Easter bonnet. Create this easter themed hat and share with family and friends! Why not set a competition to see who can make the best bonnet?

Easter walk - Remember to not keep yourselves locked up all day inside, even if the indoor activities are fun and exciting! It is important to get some exercise and especially some fresh air.

Tea Party - A great activity for lunch or dinner can be to have a garden tea party where you can invite the Easter bunny! Have easter themed treats and learn about Easter stories.

Easter Movie - Watch the bunny themed movie- ‘Hop’. This is a great family friendly movie that will be the perfect to finish the excitement of Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday may not be spent with all our loved ones but try and make a positive out of the current situation by having an Easter party via video calls! Together we can beat this one day at a time!

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World Health Day 2020

Today is International World Health Day! Given the current climate the world’s health is a priority and we understand that with the new restrictions in place, self isolating at home may have damaging impacts on an individuals health.

At The Kings Ferry Group, we want to share our ideas on things to do to make sure that you are looking after yourself as well as others around you. During these uncertain times it is easy to go into a state of panic and overthink different scenarios but we hope these mind and body exercises can improve both your physical and mental wellbeing.

As an individual, please remember that you are not alone and the simple act of talking to someone or distracting your mind can have a long lasting positive effect. As a nation, we need to remember that we are all part of this and we can beat this together! Here are some useful activities to try at home whilst self isolating…

Here is The Kings Ferry Group’s daily routine…

World Health Day


For most of you, being at home all day is not something we are used to. Many of us enjoy exercise to help keep us motivated and healthy. Gyms and classes are cancelled and we are all being asked to only leave the house for essential reasons. The Government's guidelines do state that we can venture out for exercise once a day, whether this is a walk, run or bike ride. Fresh air and movement can help improve your state of mind especially if you are working from home and sitting at a desk all day.

Gym from home - For people that are missing gym sessions, look on your gym website or social media. The majority of gyms are doing online personal training sessions as well as online classes that you can do indoors. Wondering how you can do exercises without equipment? Improvise with various items in your household, for example bags of shopping can be used as weights.

The Body Coach - Joe Wicks has set up classes and exercises on his youtube channel and website. This can be for adults and children and can be done at any time during the day! For anyone who has Amazon Alexa- Simply say “Start the Body Coach” and it will start up Joe Wicks’ app, which contains seven 15-minute HIIT workouts.

Relaxation - Yoga, pilates and meditation can be practised from the comfort of your own home. There are many apps that can help with guidance and you can do a daily stretch before you start your day. Youtube is perfect for finding exercise routines, especially for beginners. These exercises do not take up alot of space or time and can be done anywhere around the house, just find a space that is peaceful so you can find your inner zen!

Exercise of any shape or form is ideal for anyone who is feeling anxious as it distracts your mind and releases healthy endorphins. It can also help control your breathing and teach you methods of relaxation that you can put into practice anytime you are feeling anxious. Whether you do this from the comfort of your front room or in your garden, try to do something once a day and you’ll notice the difference, especially during this period of self isolation!

World Health Day

Let’s talk FOOD!

Eating healthy is about finding a good balance and most importantly having the discipline! There are normally two types of eaters; the good and the bad!!! Good eaters are normally people that have the willpower to watch what they eat and prepare all their meals, however the bad normally won’t have a routine and eat anything at any time. The key to being a healthy eater is finding what is appropriate for yourself and getting that healthy balance, turning them favourites into healthier options and getting into a routine! Let’s face it, we have all got some extra time on our hands so now is the perfect time to start practising! Here are some tips and healthy changes that you could make…

Plan your meals - having a plan can help you with knowing what to buy and preparing the meals in bulk - this will help you to save both time and money You will also find that opting for healthier options becomes more natural as you are allowing yourself more time to consider your food choices.

Snacks - We should all try to social distance ourselves from the cupboards during this time as being indoors means more snacking! Try to buy more fruit and veg to substitute chocolate and crisps! But remember to have a healthy balance so once a week you should definitely treat yourself!

5 a day rule - try and mix up recipes of your favourite meals and add more veg or fruit! You can add a variety of vegetables to meals such as curry or a mexican go to; Fajitas! You can even rule out meat altogether and go down the veggie route!

Water - experts advise that we should drink 2 litres of water a day to stay hydrated and notice other benefits such as energy levels. You’ll also notice that hunger levels decrease when you stay hydrated as thirst can be misunderstood as hunger. Top tip - if you are feeling hungry, drink a glass of water and wait for around 15-20 minutes. This should curb your cravings. If you are still feeling peckish, grab yourself a piece for fruit or veg!

Breakfast - It is so easy to miss breakfast for a lot of people but it is known to be the most important meal of the day. This meal's purpose is to give you energy at the start of your day. It can be boring to have toast or cereal, so mix things up by having fruit and overnight oats. Plan the meals in advance and get pumped for the day ahead!

Remember exercise is important but not useful if you are eating badly. To feel energised and healthy you need to find that perfect balance for your mental and physical well being.   

World Health Day

Mental Health:

Throughout this blog mental health has been mentioned and linked to a lot of exercises. Your day to day routine can affect your mental state and it is important to keep in control. But please do also remember that it is ok not to be ok and there are resources available if you need to talk. We understand that the current climate can have an impact on an individual's anxiety and/or depression, especially when being asked to stay at home and distance yourselves from others. Self isolating refers to keeping yourself physically away from family, friends and the general public, but this does not mean that you can’t check in on loved ones via phone or ring someone when you yourself are feeling lonely. If you are struggling, especially during these times, please follow the link to online support

There are many activities that can help anyone already in this state of mind or to prevent them from getting to that stage. Here are some top tips that we hope can help whilst being at home. 

Meditation - find an app or some music that can help you focus and find a quiet spot to get started! This can help you with your breathing and distract you from your own thoughts.

Catch up - Arrange a daily catch up with family and friends whether this is over the phone, by a message or even doing a fun activity. You can start a game of ‘Words with Friends’ via your phone or computer or have a group party via Netflix! Watch your favourite show together and chat away at the same time!

Once a day - remember this self isolation does not mean we are locked away indoors. The Government's guideline states we can go out once a day which can include a refreshing walk which definitely helps to gain a clear mind and change of scenery!

Each and everyone's health is currently the main priority of the world. We should all take control now in making sure we are looking after ourselves and the others around us. The NHS workers, carers and pharmacies are risking their health to make sure we beat this! Let’s do our bit to help and stay safe. If you are feeling unwell and need medical advice please follow the link to the NHS website where you can search symptoms and talk to a medical expert

If anyone is feeling like they want to do more then please follow this link into volunteering for the NHS This can range from collecting essentials for vulnerable individuals or simply being on the other end of the phone to offer your support. 

Together we can beat this! Please remember that staying at home can save lives. #StayAtHomeSaveLives #ItsOkNotToBeOk  

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Staying productive whilst working from home!

Working from home now is becoming the norm for most of us in the working world! Some of you might be used to this and have the motivating routine planned out but others might be struggling to keep the momentum of working when there are so many more distractions! The idea is that we should all be able to work at the same level no matter where the desk space is but unfortunately this is not always the case.So let’s plan out a routine starting from the morning to when it is time to clock out!

Here is The Kings Ferry Group’s daily routine…

staying productive when working from home

Morning exercise - Your alarm is going and it is so tempting to keep snoozing as you know the commute to work is not going to be like before, but you need to get up at the same time and start this day properly! Get out of bed and find a clear space and do 20 minutes of yoga or meditation to refresh your mind to have a clear and focused start to the day.

Don’t miss your first meal - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is often missed due to having to rush out of the house but there is no excuse when working from home! This can give you the energy and brain fuel to start the day of working!

Look smart, think smart - Get yourself ready just like you would when going to work - admittedly you might be wearing your slippers over shoes but at least try and look professional, this can help motivate you and relate as much to being in the office as possible.

Clear desk, clear mind - Firstly make sure that where you chose to work is spacious and there are no distractions, make sure it is an appropriate work space with no TV and sofa. Next step is to make sure your desk is workable. There is nothing more demotivating than having a cluttered desk where no work can happen, so make sure everything has a place and there is room for you to work on each task one by one. 

Working from home

Daily check in - We are all used to working in teams or having people around us! Organise a team catch up every morning to check in on each other and to run through your daily tasks. This is the perfect way to plan out your day and get others input but also to make sure everyone is well and motivated!

Too many tabs in my mind - Don’t try and remember everything or store it all in your head, you don’t want to burn out! Write all your tasks on a post-it-note and create a to do board in which you can remove and add tasks as the day goes on. A great way to get all your ideas on paper and to prioritise your daily tasks! 

Change of scenery - Remember you are entitled to give yourself breaks and these should be as often as every hour. Quick 10-minute breaks away from your desk, whether it is to make a cup of tea or to go for a walk around the house. When you are due your lunch break make sure you leave your working area and change your scenery. Go for a walk around your local neighbourhood- Government guidelines state that we can go outdoors once a day to get exercise. This can refresh your mind for the afternoon.

Playlist - Having some background noise can help people stay motivated and it is a way to adapt your working from home environment to what you are used to in the office. You and your work team can make a joint playlist and share motivating tunes!

Clocking off - When it is time to finish at the end of the day, don’t over work! The commute home may be shorter than normal but that does not mean you work extra hours. You need to keep a good work/personal life balance and know when to clock off until the next day! Remember to tidy your desk so when you start the next morning you can repeat your routine!

During this current climate, we need to make the best out of these unusual situations. Stay positive and remember that together we can beat this!

#StayAtHomeSaveLives #WorkingFromHome  

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Staying safe whilst in the workplace

During this outbreak of COVID-19, we understand that more and more people each day are beginning to work from home. Unfortunately there are some teams who still need to travel and are required to be in the office. We know that regular cleaning is common practice within workplaces but given the current events we imagine that these have been increased to further reduce the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. Each business will have different requirements to cleaning and many offices will have set rules and restrictions for safe and hygienic working practices. Here are some extra tips to help you to stay safe in the workplace...

stress awareness month

As we hope that you are regularly washing your hands, we advise to increase this anytime you move away from your desk. Washing your hands when required plus using hand sanitizer more often than normal. It would be useful for yourself to have your own sanitizer at your desk to remind yourself.

Try to keep your desk as tidy as possible. Your workplace most likely has a clear desk policy but now more than ever it is vitally important to keep your desk as clear as possible so deep cleaning practices can be completed effectively.

Try to have the following items at your desk during this current time: Anti-bacterial wipes to clean any items or your desk space throughout the day, wash your desk every morning so that you are aware that your space is clean before working. Again, have hand sanitizer for your use only and make sure you are regularly using it when needed. Lastly, make sure you have your own cup and bottle that no one else is drinking from and make sure you are washing these up every afternoon before leaving!

Do not eat at your desk. This may not be in your lunchtime routine but we understand that sometimes it is needed when workload is high. When eating lunch at work, make sure you are cleaning the area around you as much as possible and not presuming everything is clean. An idea for your lunchtime would be to have a walk and get some fresh air, keeping your distance from shops and other crowded social areas.

Be aware of what is going on around you. We have all been informed of the symptoms of COVID-19 and we understand there are other flu-type illnesses around as well. If you feel like you have any of the common symptoms or notice a colleague that seems unwell, action needs to be taken immediately. Inform that colleague they should go home or make a manager aware. If you are feeling unwell, you need to self isolate at home inline with government guidelines until you are feeling better.

We all need to look after ourselves and others around us. We need to act sensibly and quickly to avoid the spread of any infections and remembering to consider the more vulnerable individuals that are at greater risk If you’re travelling via public transport to work, please check out our page on how to keep safe whilst travelling.  

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Ways to stay safe whilst travelling during COVID-19

During the change in climate we understand that travel to work, shops, schools etc is being minimised. But the need to travel is still there and some people are still required to travel to and from their place of work. Given the risk of travelling publicly, we want to share some top tips on what precautions you can take to make sure you keep yourself safe and clean.

staying safe whilst travelling

Regularly wash your hands - sanitizer and soap Hand cleaning should be common practice. But under the circumstances we found ourselves in, it is important to wash and sanitise your hands as often as you can. On a daily basis, many people are touching their face or biting their nails. As hard as we may try to limit the amount of times we touch our face or bite our nails, sometimes it's just not possible to stop altogether! Cutting down your nails and preventing any contact with your mouth can help to prevent any infections spreading.

Use your OWN travel mug and water bottle - When travelling we need to stay hydrated- make sure you travel with your own mug and water bottle. Doing this will allow you to have control over what you are drinking out of and it is then up to you to make sure that these items are cleaned thoroughly. We want to prevent any cross contamination and therefore the spread of infections.

Choose to walk over public transport. If you are commuting to work or heading to the shops, try and prevent as much public transport as possible. Even if this adds time on to your journey, the less contact you have with public areas, the less risk you have of coming into contact with harmful germs or bacteria. Although these changes might mean you have to get a little less shopping, or you add a little more time to your journey - these have positive impacts on both your health and the environment!

Don't overheat - Dont stress, don’t rush, and don’t over layer! Stay calm and take your time whilst you are travelling around. The more you panic, the more overheated you'll become! Preventing this will help you to concentrate better on your health and not make yourself unwell.

Have essential toiletries to hand - Carry an essential toiletry pack around with you for emergency situations. These packs can consist of hand sanitiser, tissues, soap, gloves or baby wipes. This means you will always be prepared!

Look with your eyes, not your hands - This is an important point to make to all individuals that are out and about in public areas including shops, your work office, or onboard transport. Try to limit what you touch, look with your eyes and not your hands! If you are shopping, task yourself not to touch everything before you place it in your basket. When travelling to work or at work try not to touch any items unless necessary.

During this time we all feel a bit useless but by following simple steps like the above we are doing our bit to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

If you are need of private transport for travelling to work or for your staff, please contact the team on 01634 377577 or get a quick quote!


Ideas for home-schooling

Schools out and homeschooling is in! For some of you this seems like a daunting experience as you want to keep your children in the routine of learning whilst helping them to adapt to doing this at home. Luckily, this does not have to be as hard as it may seem as there are loads of fun and educational things to do to help your children continue learning while at home!

Here are ideas that you can add to your weekly timetable…

Home Schooling

Joe Wicks PE sessions - During social distancing and homeschooling you may find your children are not getting as much exercise as they would be at school. Lunchtime fun and PE class have stopped at school but it does not have to stop at home! Go to Joe Wicks’ youtube channel at 9am every morning for a PE session that every kid can watch and join in. This is a great way to start their days and to get them energetic for more learning! If you’re not working from home, you can join in too!

Timetable - At school children are used to a routine and knowing what each day involves. Why not create a timetable for them which is made up of an hour slot for each activity. Schools have been setting work for children to do at home so this can be evenly spread out. Plus this also gives them some allocated time for fun indoor activities as well!  

Write a letter/email - To help with their english and handwriting skills it would be a great idea to get them to write a letter to a family member, friend or an influencer. This can be anything they want to write about and there can be set words that need to be used throughout. This is a great way to practice spelling and writing. Another method of writing could be to write an email- again this could help with spelling and have set words to include but also helps with IT skills.  

Create and play - It is always fun creating something new but to make it educational, why not play with it after? Make a game that can be linked to a subject, create this by using their imagination and creative skills. This game will involve the children working out how to play and making a set of rules to follow. Once the game has been created, they can then play and learn at the same time. 

Lunch - When lunchtime arrives, the children normally go out and play after eating their lunches. Why not make it a fun activity to make their own lunch which will teach them key skills in the kitchen and let them have more control over what they eat. You may find this could help with children finishing their lunches and learning about healthy eating too.  

Edinburgh Zoo - Obviously during the Easter holidays, there are many zoos and farms that children would love to visit. Unfortunately due to the current circumstances we find ourselves in visits like these may not be possible this school break. However, Edinburgh Zoo has set up live cameras in the animal enclosures. You can go on to their website to watch the animals live at the zoo! This is a fantastic way to keep your children engaged and not running around the house! It’s also a great way to learn about nature and wildlife.

Home schooling

Online resources - We are lucky to have the ability to access educational resources online. There are many websites that cater to all ages ranging from primary to secondary school. Children can do online activities for subjects such as Maths, English, Science and many more. This is perfect if you are working from home and need to concentrate on your work at the same time. A popular website is the BBC, who have educational learning sessions for all ages.

Netflix Documentaries - Netflix has a range of educational documentaries, a popular one being Blue Planet. When searching genres, you can watch programmes on science, nature and arts, plus an early learning section. This could be a good method of learning whilst you are working from home.

Science experiment - An educational and proactive science experiment that is simple enough to conduct at home. Plant a few seeds in three pots and place them around the house in the following positions: One pot can be in a dark cupboard, the other can be at the window where there is light and then the other plant can be in the kitchen away from natural light but not in complete darkness. Monitor these plants daily and record the changes in each one plus the differences between them all.

Reading - Back to basics, give them tasks to expand on their vocabulary and enhance their reading. Schools do this regularly to allow children to improve and progress to new levels. Keep them in practice and introduce them to new words.

This can be a challenging time for parents that are working from home and are now needing to more closely support their children's learning. We hope that these ideas can help with your weekly rota and keep your children entertained.

If you still need some support, reach out to teachers or other parents online and on social media. There are many people around that can offer support.

If you are looking to plan any future travel, our teams are still available to offer support and guidance. If you would like to talk to our team about future travel or would like a quote, please call us today on 01634 377577 or head to our quick quote page.  


Happy Mother's Day

During this period of worry and uncertainty, it is easy to lose track of time and not be prepared for certain days coming up, one being Mother’s Day. Restrictions in place may prevent us being able to purchase gifts or cards and even going to see our loved ones on this Mothering Sunday. So, we have done our research and compiled some top tips to celebrate Mother's Day even whilst social distancing and self isolating!

Mother's Day

Watch a movie - Going to the cinema at the moment is out of the question for a mother’s day activity but no one said you can’t create your own cinema lounge! Pull the curtains, get all the pillows and blankets ready and turn down the lights. So many films are accessible at the click of a button. From Now TV, Amazon, Netflix and Sky! Make the most out of watching the must see classics or set yourself a challenge to watch every episode of your favourite box set.. If you are not able to be with your loved ones then Netflix have offered this fantastic way to all be watching at the same time- the Netflix Party!  

Home spa day - You know the cupboard of random beauty products that we received 5 Christmases ago and still haven’t used- we are all guilty for it! Well, now is the time to get them out and put them to good use. Create your own spa day with your mothers; nails, facials, massages. Just light some candles and start relaxing in your dressing gown and slippers.  

Memories - We all collect photos and memories of days out and special events and Mothers especially collect all them baby photos and bad school photos. Looking through these albums to reminisce on the past times. We can guarantee that there will be some shocking fashion sense and haircuts throughout!  

Become creative - Self isolating indoors means that we are restricted to what we have in the house. Many people have a lot of art and crafts lying around that they didn't even know they had! Create a fun and active game that involves creating new things out of random household items. Other creative ideas may involve games, candles, painting or even creating that memorable mother's day card that was made with love.  

Cuppa and call - If you can't be around your loved ones at this current time then don’t worry there are many ways that we can still check in. Let’s make the most of the modern technology that we are fortunate to have- make a cuppa, sit down and facetime your loved ones.  

Mother's Day

At the Kings Ferry Group, we urge everyone to stay safe and to be careful when traveling around. To all the Mothers on this special day, we wish you a relaxing sunday and hope that our list of things to do can help you celebrate with your family.
If you are planning to take your mum somewhere as a mothers day treat, whether it is today or in the future. Our private hire vehicles are the perfect way to travel. Find out more by calling our team on 01634 377577 or get a quote today.

Private transport during current climate

Privately transport your groups to help stop the spread of Coronavirus Public transport can be the ideal place for respiratory diseases such as Coronavirus to spread. BMC Infectious Diseases published research that noted that those who use public transport during such outbreaks are 6 times more likely to pick up acute respiratory infections.

While there are many precautions that we could take whilst using public transport to help reduce the spread of the disease such as: cleaning/sanitizing your hands after using public transport and not biting your nails or touching your face whilst travelling - there is a much easier way to do this, travel privately.

We hope that regular hand cleaning is common practice, but for many people so is touching your face or biting your nails! As hard as we may try to limit the amount of times we touch our face or bite our nails, sometimes it's just not possible to stop altogether!

Here are just some of the reasons why you should use private transport from The Kings Ferry Group…

1. High standard of cleaning on private vehicles

At The Kings Ferry Group we are taking extra precautionary measures during this time to ensure that the standard of our vehicles enables our customers to have peace of mind whilst travelling on them.

We are ensuring that all of our vehicles are fully cleaned with appropriate cleaning products after every hire to make sure that every precaution is taken to keep them properly sanitised. All vehicles go through a rigorous cleaning regime on a daily basis as standard. Our engineering departments are also reviewing and implementing further cleaning precautions to ensure that there are surgical standard cleansing of high contact areas on board our coaches.

2. Control over who is on-board 

Travelling privately also allows you to choose how many people use the vehicle during your hire - giving you both control and peace of mind. Whether you require transport for a small group of 10 or you need to move larger groups of over 800 people, only you, your group and the driver(s) will be on-board.

3. Door to door service

With cancellations of mass gatherings happening all over the globe, it is understandable why you may want to limit the amount of time you spend in crowded areas. Sometimes, this can’t be helped. But if you still need to head out and about, our private transport solutions are able to pick you up right near your front door and drop you off as close as possible to your destination.

4. We can cater for all group sizes

Whether you are a couple, a small group of 10 or a larger group - we can help you reach your destination no matter your group size. We can provide transport solutions from executive car, to minibus, vintage bus and double decker coaches.

5. London Commuter Service

Our London Coach Commuter Service can help you travel from the Medway towns and straight into London, reducing the amount of time you spend on public transport. Our services travel from the Isle of Sheppey all the way through to Strood, New Ash Green and Vigo, then directly through to areas such as Canary Wharf and Westminster.

Our London commuter service vehicles are also used for private hire, so they undergo the same rigorous daily cleaning procedures. Using these vehicles will help you to reduce the amount of time spent on-board public transport, thus limiting the amount of contact you may have with shared surfaces that do not go under such rigorous procedures as those on our vehicles.

If you require to get from A to B hassle free and with peace of mind, please get in touch with our team today on 01634 377577 or use our quick quote form.

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Disabled Access Day!

Monday 16th March 2020, Disabled Access Day. 

Wheelchair accessible vehicle
At The Kings Ferry we want to celebrate this day and share some information about our wheelchair accessible vehicles across our fleet and at our partner companies. 
Across The Kings Ferry Group there is a total of 50 wheelchair accessible coaches ranging from 49-77 seaters. At The Kings Ferry we have a total of 30 vehicles with plans of expanding this number in years to come. 
Below is a demo video of the lift in operation, the driver has demonstrated this with an emergency wheelchair. 
All our drivers are trained to a high standard to have full use of this machinery and when the lift will be in use, drivers are required to test before travel. 
When operating the lift, 6 seats must be removed from the coach which will then be the space provided for the wheelchair. Please see the demo below from inside the coach. 
Having these features on our vehicles allows individuals that cannot be transfer to a seat, to travel with us in the safety and comfort of their own wheelchair. 
So, ignore all the restrictions of travel as at The Kings Ferry Group we can provide the solution for you. 
If you are interested in hiring out one of our wheelchair accessible vehicles, please follow the link below to get a quote! 

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